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Kilos incorrectly displays offer?

by /u/SodiumNitrite · 2 votes · 1 month ago

Kilos says that user mikegrey on dark0de sells nembutal pentobarbital sodium solution, however, I cannot find this listing. On the site, there is no result when I search "nembutal." I have never used dark0de before, so maybe this is my fault, does anyone know if Kilos often displays false listings?

I can post a link to the listing on Kilos, but I'm not sure if this is allowed.

Edit: It appears dark0de banned mikegrey, I suppose the kilos listing is just out of date.

Comments (2)
/u/nochill · 1 votes · 1 month ago · Link

Kilos might be a few hours outdated. Try again later or use recon

/u/zxdog · 1 votes · 1 month ago · Link

The reason you can't find it is because that vendor was banned back in February. I just checked is profile by adding:


to the end of the dark0de URL and it took me to his profile indicating he was banned