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Market/vendors I can trust?

by /u/SnowWhiteFox · 2 votes · 1 year ago

Hi all. Is anyone else getting aggravated by market after market failing in some way? Im sick of it! Im just a person who likes to get high, and Im willing to excange my hard earned cash for it. Simple as that. Im not trying to scam or hassle or be a pain in the ass to anyone, and wish I could find a vendor/market that feels the same. They want my money, I want their drugs, we trade money for drugs and both of us are happy. Is it so much to ask?? I know somewhere out there are like minded vendors/people but I cannot for the life of me find them!

Of all my time on the markets Id say ive placed 25-30 orders total and the first 10 or so went perfexctly. But as time goes on the scamming has become more frequent... of my last 10 orders less than half have made it. What is the deal? The first market I used was silkroad and that was an unfortunate loss. Next I went to Darkode and did fine there. I was shocked when they exit scammed, as i had mostly 100% delivery rate there, but they did get a hefty wallet balance out of me. Next I went to darkfox. I was happy to see a vendor from darkode there so I took that as a sign all would be well. Not so much, and as it turns out, I was correct in my hunch that this vendor might be the same guy as two other vendors on the site. I thought the site was flaky when I first joined but still decided to go for it. Mistake.I wish I had gone with my gut and looked elsewhere. Out of 6 orders only 3 have made it and the others are a loss. Mods are no help and now I hear that they have done poorly enough to be removed from dread.

Am i just a bad picker?? Im starting to think so! Someone, please help me! I need to have my drugs... but i am scared of joining another market and having the same problems and losing more money. Ive researched and read all I can read, ive looked at pages and pages of reviews...but I cant decide which market to try next. Which markets have you had the best delivery rates for? I mostly purchase heroin, crystal meth, and a xanax here and there, and im not afraid to spend more for good quality. (I will rant about heroin and meth quality another time lol ). I just want to give my money to someone and have them give me drugs in return, just like that, each and every time. Its so simple!!! SO why is it so damn hard for me to find the right platform to do this?!? OK, rant over. Suggestions please???

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/u/Solar M · 2 votes · 1 year ago · Link




/u/mrbenzo666 · 1 votes · 1 year ago · Link

bro trust none of them. use vendors that you have used before and always use a market with the direct pay option

/u/SnowWhiteFox OP · 1 votes · 1 year ago · Link

As many otders ive made over the last year or two ive only come across 3-4 vendors that I would consider top notch 100% legit, but they were short lived. I lost most when Darkode went down, and havent been able to find them ever since. I searched every way you can search for one in particular but had no luck... I assumed that if he went to a diffeent market he must have changed his name... Actually, thats a good question.. How likely is it for a vendor to keep/change their name when a market goes down? I guess it depends wether or not they are legit. of course the god guys would want to use the same name for obvious reasons..a scammer could easily hop on to a new market with a new name, so i guess thats one more thing im fearing! Now that the word is out about darkfox wouldnt you think the other markets will see an increase in new vendors? Is this a trend that is even noticable, i wonder?

Also, after researching one of my go to vendors, ive learned that alot of people have been scammed by him and that he is likely the same person behind several other vendor names as well, a few of which I have ordered from. Now that I know this Im weary, but also wondering how it is that ive never had a bad transaction with him. Still, i will proceed with caution!

I guess you could say ive got to just start from scratch..its such a pain in the ass. BUT i am grateful to have the markets in the first place so i suppose ill quit complaining.... i cant acquire dope from the street for several reasons, but ya win some and lose some no matter where you play the game.

/u/mrbenzo666 · 1 votes · 1 year ago · Link

what did you remove?

/u/doppelpower · 1 votes · 1 year ago · Link


/u/legitvendors · 1 votes · 1 year ago · Link


/u/OSNV · 1 votes · 1 year ago · Link

Also when switching markets, make sure your vendor you have used in the past is actually them by verifying their pgp

/u/theturtle22 · 1 votes · 1 year ago · Link

the most important is the country of origin of the order, if it is Nederland it is normal that all the orders do not arrive.

finding good meth is hard, many sell it but few have real meth. On versus you will find good vendors, for meth its icegod in Canada or if youre in Europe jingdong to France. If you know good ice make a review!

/u/PlanetHollywood · 1 votes · 1 year ago · Link


/u/2001 · 1 votes · 1 year ago · Link

200198 on incognito market can help you bro.

/u/Phoenix1017 · 0 votes · 1 year ago · Link

Hey just some advice. It’s not about the market at all. It’s about the vendor. Research the vendors and then find where they are located. That being said I use ASAP, AB, and Bohemia. Never been burned once. But I research the shit out of my vendors here on dread.