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by /u/batchsystem · 2 votes · 5 days ago

Good evening everyone. I have been watching the evolution of the sub for a few weeks now and would like to have my say on the subject, firstly as a ketamine lover and secondly as a dread user.

I begin by saying that probably with my naiveté I have always followed the happenings of the sub with spontaneous trust in those I believed to be, like me, enthusiasts who wanted to exchange opinions and share experiences. I often found myself reading reviews from American sellers and reports from American users, just for the sake of it, despite being European.

I am someone who has always believed in the power of reviews and the possibility that they can change something in the greater scheme of things. A change from the bottom up, a bit like political elections if you will (very broadly).

It is only a few months ago that I began to doubt what I was reading. Why should I trust reviews from people who systematically get free samples (putting in their personal info for drops) when we know full well that it is a review system that is flawed at the origin?

Not so much for me, I always order from the usual ones, but I put myself in the shoes of others.

Why should I trust those who make reviews that are manipulated, accusations that are attacked by accounts created the same day, or laudations that are supported by as many new accounts?

I for one am glad that someone like /u/ketrevolution is putting his ''face'' on it, and has proposed a system that though improvable can lay the foundation for making the ketamine scene credible in the darknet. However harsh his initial ways may have been, I appreciate more those who try, even failing, to do something than those who stand by and do nothing.

I look around and see the cocaine sub, the speed sub, where everyone is quiet and enjoying their passion. They will have their problems too, but the environment seems different to me. Is it just like that for me? Why is the ketamine environment so difficult to govern?

I agree with the suggestions made about testing the substance by buying it from the seller without him knowing that he is a reviewer buying it. I think the proposed system could bring /d/ketamine light years ahead of other subs.

As strong as the initial measures were, the important thing is that the messages were received by those who were supposed to receive them. As far as I'm concerned in the future the historical users of the sub may also be re-admitted because everyone's contribution is important, as long as it is legitimate and unbiased.

In conclusion, I also believe that a change in moderation is needed. The sub needs passionate, active and reliable people. We have one, ketrevolution. Bark1ng is very busy but I still appreciated some of his interventions in the past. It is hard to moderate so many subs and provide quality service in all of them, but he is reliable and still a reference for the community. I cannot say the same for Lightrax, who said a few weeks ago that he would be more present and disappeared again. Why not hire someone else, who is passionate and desires the good of the community? (not me for sure.. lol)

Thanks for making it all the way through. Happy k-hole to all!

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/u/KetRevolution Jr. Mod - likes ketamine · 6 votes · 5 days ago · Link

Thank you so much for you support. I truly am trying my best. And it makes me happy to see others are also on board with this movement, with this ketamine revolution. I definitely could use some more help moderating in an active constructive way. And I need help from all you guys, all you members of the community. Ketamine is a beautiful molecule and very sacred and spiritual to me. It pains me to see how far it's fallen due to the negligence of a few and the greed of many others. Ketamine doesn't have to be cut, un-pure, dangerous, toxic. This is not the way to enjoy ketamine. This does NOT have to be the norm. If we all work towards this common goal on we can make change happen.

/u/OfficialJabberJaw US Vendor · 1 votes · 4 days ago · Link

The sub will get back to normal soon and regular non bias customers will be posting reviews again