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msfconsole not importing private modules into the database

by /u/andygui · 1 votes · 2 months ago

Hey folks... I'm having some prob on importing private modules into my msfconsole. I did every single step of the importation correctly, I created the folder with mkdir -p to /.msf4/modules/exploits and then I run wget + link to the code and then I updated the database but at the time I opened msfconsole and ran search + code it returned no results. Do you guys have any clue on what's happening? has this ever happen to you??

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/u/corqo · 1 votes · 2 months ago · Link

Its been a while since I used that feature, but I believe there is a metasploit command to update/refresh the database of modules.

The other thing I would check is that it isn't a permissions issue and that the module that you are trying to load matches the file permissions and ownership of the other modules.