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Newb first baby step accomplished! Successful carded transaction after pandemic induced depression plus a couple CC verification tips that are safe t

by /u/jumpingg · 4 votes · 2 weeks ago

To counter some of the negativity, carding is still alive and doable even as of here and now. But things are a lot more complicated now than they were even two years ago. A lot of sites that were total child's play to card only two years ago upped their antifraud security to damn near Amazon and PP levels. It is what it is. Times change and we got to adapt or perish. Natural selection.

I've been studying on carding a bit for a few months prior to the pandemic. Then the pandemic hit and between having a fulltime job the entire time and the world turning into a fucked up place almost overnight, things ground to a halt. Not going to go into gory details.

Anyways, today I accomplished the first carding transaction that went through without a hitch, along with obtaining another solid card verification method for my toolbox (way, way too many dead cards on vclub, and everyone needs to have a dependable method to test them within the refund time limit). I log onto to a local paywalled newspaper website that always runs specials like $2 for the first three months and such. Not exactly the type of business to spend a lot of $$$ on security (vs, say, crypto exchanges lol), and the dollar amount shouldn't trigger anything or kill the card. I was able to sign up with a protonmail addy, whereas anything other than gmail will raise fraud flags mostly everywhere else. I did type in everything by hand vs cut'n'paste. Punched in the name, billing addy, and the CC info. Then it went through and I can read ad-free news, if not much else! Maybe WSJ or NYT next time.

Couple other methods I discovered during lots of trial and error.

Instacart - things have tightened up a bit, but it's still stupidly easy to sign up with any throwaway email and no phone verification. Then just use add payment page to add cards you want to test. It won't charge the card, but it will put a $0 temp auth(?) and that will weed out dead cards. You can even punch in multiple cards per session with different names without issue. Dead ones will error out, and the live ones will be saved as payment methods. cut'n'paste is no problem, either.

Truthfinder - They definitely beefed things up a lot, but you can still try to add random cards and names as payment methods as long as you manage to register a throwaway email acct. Though it will almost certainly decline if you try to buy a membership. At least it did for me before. Plus they do seem to do extra checks on the billing addr that IC doesn't seem to do.

Them's the building blocks, and them's the baby steps now.

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/u/ph03n1x · 3 votes · 2 weeks ago · Link

Nice post!

Carding is definitely still alive and well. I made $6,000 this month so far. It's really just about learning what to try to card if using CVV2 (as opposed to dumpz).

If you want something physical, you need it to either ship same day or you need to card a company that has a (metaphorical) disconnect between the billing and shipping departments. The former is easier to find. The latter is mostly trial and error (so I'll write my own guide later for it since I spent more than I'd recommend to find such places). A good heuristic for the latter though is when the company + payment solution provider are in one company but the supplier is in China or similar. Always get the most expedited shipping.

/u/traderhacker · 1 votes · 2 weeks ago · Link

Bids and asks Delta for liquidity indication.

/u/HossbonaventureCEO · 1 votes · 2 weeks ago · Link

you could use etsy or caviar app just add payment method if it connects cards live