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What about kittens?

Not drinking alcohol at parties is my signature

by /u/rabbi · 2 votes · 11 months ago

Please bottle of water or a juice. Everyone around me drunk asf. Tbh, I think it's bold move asf. Personally I don't see the point of drinking. I don't like being vulnerable.

Can you resist social pressure?

Comments (6)
/u/plkqcs · 2 votes · 11 months ago · Link

So tell me Rebbe. Why do you bless the wine, if you don't drink it?

/u/AldoRaine · 1 votes · 11 months ago · Link

It sounds like you hang around people who are young that drink in excess. Social pressure to drink is a sign of immaturity.

Booze in moderation is very healthy. That's how most adults enjoy it and it's fine.

Being vulnerable is also healthy. While you're in a vulnerable state, you can see the truth in who really cares about you.

If you have trouble telling someone how you feel, booze lowers your inhibition and you can reveal the truth and enjoy a more meaningful relationship.

If you don't enjoy booze, that's fine, it's no big deal. It's not a bold move.

/u/pamquv · 2 votes · 11 months ago · Link

Booze in moderation is very healthy

No it's not, this is a stupid myth that needs to die. There is nothing healthy about alcohol in any amount, ethanol is a poison that we can only somewhat metabolize due to a random genetic mutation somewhere along the line. Alcohol intoxication is a result of being poisoned, your organs being damaged, pretty much all of them. Any health benefits from "booze" is not from alcohol, but whatever other ingredients are in there, in which case, go eat some fucking grapes, stop poisoning yourself in the name of health benefits and poison yourself because you want to get drunk. Stop lying to yourself, stop lying to others.

/u/pinkyout · 1 votes · 11 months ago · Link

Your pussy must be so tight or it's a hell of a party if you don't need alcohol. I need to be shit face to continue this blah

/u/mategamer · 1 votes · 11 months ago · Link

Resisting social pressure is not that hard if you truly decided

/u/hydronerd `-${buy?"my oxys":"😭"}-` · 1 votes · 11 months ago · Link

Well just think on the bright side you will never be the one to have images of dicks drawn on your face due to being passed out lol.