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Note to the Moderator (Locked post)

by /u/AuntyMaria P Domestic Vendor<Level 3> · 2 votes · 2 months ago

Since our previous post has been locked by the moderator /u/delhifpo we are posting our reply here:

If any of the members of /d/DarknetMarketsIndia ask about us, we request you to please ignore it.

We posted a few days ago with the subject: AuntyMaria has left the building


After that we have chosen not to post in this subdread. Whether it is the September sticky or whatever. Even before that we respected your rules and never posted ads here, when we did not have a vendor tag.

We do not want to participate in this subdread. We made that clear.

But you cant seem to keep your nose out of our business.

What happens on our subdread is our business.

Whether its dead or buried what do you care?

What you could have done is chosen NOT to interfere.

There is plenty here that you chose to ignore, just add our name to the list.

And you petty Lord Farquaad attitudes on a forum YOU DID NOT BUILD just reveals what a power trip you are on. The only thing we are guilty of is not sucking up to you.

And for that we are only glad.

let us repeat it loud and clear:


What happens between us and our customers is none of your business.

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/u/whoisthiz Thundercunt · 3 votes · 2 months ago (Pinned post) · Link

I would highly recommend you send me a DM/Jabber next time you find something ‘off’ with my post, I can make corrections.

I think you should take this part of the comment from delhifpo and move forward.

Nothing good is going to come out for both of you by dragging this.

/u/delhifpo Mod · 2 votes · 2 months ago · Link

This turd vendor has no respect for this sub or what we say. Never sends DM or private chat to resolve anything. Wants to do nothing with this sub but will post such BS rants in public to create drama.

Also given ample warning to avoid making such shit posts but they wont fucking listen. They have been banned for 7 days to cool down. If they continue this bs, they will be perma-banned.

Users to buy from this vendor can still post reviews on this sub and this ban is only temporary to stop this idiot from re-posting everyday!

Rules violated:

#3 Dont be a Chutiya

Treat others as you wish to be treated. Remember: we all started somewhere. Help newbies, give them a link to a guide or briefly explain to them what they're doing or not doing, or simply don't engage with them at all if you have nothing productive to add.

>Anyone that deliberately harasses a user, market, or vendor. Anyone that constantly and persistently posts vitriolic comments/threads. Anyone that consistently spreads misinformation, especially if it could be dangerous to the community.

#12 Vendors who want to do a advertizement/promotional post can do so once per month. This applies to established vendors only, do not try to circumvent this rule by posting a new thread with vague updates about your store/inventory. Edit your monthly post and redirect your buyers there if they ask for update.


What happens between us and our customers is none of your business.

And Dear Motherfucking TattiMaria,

Its my fucking responsibility to help users who post on this sub, as a Moderator I have one job. Not to go with what you say. Play ball or fuck off.

I cannot tell every user who sends me Mod Mail asking "why is this turd vendor so shitty in response - how did you give this fuck-tard level 3 when he behaves like -300" . Fuck off already.

This is where as active "MOD" I will inspect your anus for piles. Always have them stretched wide open for me. Sometimes you will pass that test with PGP signed message and other times you will fail and fall on your face due to inactivity. This is nothing new. People who created this forum, Paris/Hug make announcements when a certain vendor goes AWOL or gets busted to "inform the community" this is nothing new I'm doing. You have no knowledge or common sense in what your doing and have 0 leverage to ask me to do anything in your favor. So fuck off already. Come back for more if you want a perma-ban. I'm itching to give you a boot.


Ban extended to 14 days after I saw this post


The fuck is this vendor smoking. Shit tier weed they're selling. LOL

/u/twistypaawji - Do not unban him. He has lost his senses. Useless cunt is now spamming the sub. Complete disregard for the rules.

Check (/post/599a5df3b87fe363f518/)

/u/iamzero iamHera · 1 votes · 2 months ago · Link

Straight AF mod!! +100 ❤️

/u/AuntyMaria P Domestic Vendor<Level 3> OP · -1 votes · 2 months ago · Link

sorry, we disagree!

this is a public forum, and discussions need to be public. especially given the history of this forum where moderators have colluded with vendors. NOT SAYING THIS MODERATOR HAS DONE ANYTHING OF THAT SORT, but the principle remains the same.

when players discuss stuff behind a closed door, thats when all sorts of games are played.

we refuse to play ball with that.

whatever anyone has to say to us, please say it publicly.

and we are not shy of negative feedback - just expect folks to be fair.

and to take a leaf out of rahat indori... kisi ka baap ka thode hi hain yeh subdread...

/u/delhifpo Mod · 1 votes · 2 months ago · Link

This is for Aunty to read when they are auto unbanned

when players discuss stuff behind a closed door, thats when all sorts of games are played.

In the same way you keep bragging about ZERO complaints. I have ZERO vendors (Past and present) who have been verified by me who can claim they “paid” me or did something out of their way to get the flair. Some even offer free shit which I obviously decline, not because I dont want them but because its a huge opsec risk. Opsec above all is always my mantra. Plus I'm not broke/poor to want shit for free. I’m fortunate enough with ample personal wealth to buy free shit for others and there is a certain joy in that. So without sending DM or having a civil discussion with me about what you think and what I could change, you making such rants and making daily posts (/post/599a5df3b87fe363f518/) are all blatant disregard of rules.

Remember- you are making money here. I am doing this for free. So the more you make me "work" for you, the more you are on thin ice. Follow the rules and play fair as other vendors follow them too. Everyone is free to criticize and speak their mind but if its creating FUD and causing me to write long fucking posts about frivolous shit then you are sadly not welcome.

PS. Mera baap ka he samaj le chodo. This is not your street to speak BS. Your tone, attitude and weed. All need to improve big time.