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OpSec abroad digital world

by /u/sagitari0 · 4 votes · 5 days ago

Hi guys, does anyone have some guide, some technical paper for intelligence agent training?

I need some guides about to avoid surveillance not in digital world, but in public, some techniques to avoid been recorded in public, followed, misleading...


Comments (3)
/u/HumanPie · 3 votes · 5 days ago · Link

Don't have anything specific, but an option would be to research the actual surveillance techniques used so you can identify them.

/u/beermenow · 2 votes · 5 days ago · Link

In summer time in a post-covid world, just wear a face mask with sun glasses and a hat. Noone will bat an eye and you're free from facial recognition software. Tho make sure to burn/ditch your clothes after your illegal activity is concluded.

/u/Wireshaq · 1 votes · 4 days ago · Link

Join AL-Qaeda for a week or two, get recruited by the secret services and there you will know everything with your own eyes, if ever you have a problem tell em you're a journalist.