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Opsec Check

by /u/wag_the_dog · 0 votes · 1 week ago

Running - Tails 5.12

*Issues with cloning 5.13, presistent did not carry over via clone, cannot find the download via TOR (load via saved file, where does it save?)

Connect to TOR - with customized bridge 100%, bridge provided via email (Tails)

Browser - always set to "safest" when browsing

*occsionally move to "safer" for sites like reddit or those that I can't log into

PGP - set, understand concept, have been using for communication. Using all different keys for different sites.

Credentials - all different, from forums, to markets, wallets, exchanges, etc. They're all different, there aren't any that connect one to another

XMR - Local via Cash in mail

*Is this safe? Thoughts?

Feather Wallet - I just provide 1 of the 10 "default" (yet unique to me) addresses provided as a recipient, correct? Once address "used" burn it, create new, correct? DL via TOR (could DL compromise Tails / IP?)

Oinon's - subscrubed to Daunt, and check Dark.Fail

*Markets sometimes provide PGP while waiting to CAPTCHA. Are these addressess (PGP) trustworthy?

Anything else I'm misssing, or failed to mention? Feel I've jumped through the "hoops" and have done thorough (sp?) research. Am I ready to roll? Heads up on any markets / vendors I should currently avoid ? Not looking for a CD.

Long time luker, first time caller! Thanks in advance for your advice.


Comments (3)
/u/captainsensible · 1 votes · 1 week ago · Link

Assuming your threat model is 'DNM buyer of personal quantities' OpSec is 9/10

Use trusted markets listed in /d/superlist

ALWAYS search Dread using vendors name before purchasing

DO NOT login to any clearnet sites while using tor

/u/nightisdark2 · 1 votes · 1 week ago · Link

turn js off in about:config

/u/jackroberts · 0 votes · 1 week ago · Link

always use Linux or Tails as your main operating system, stay away from windows as it contains lots of back doors and spying tools which will collect your data and activities. everything else looks good to me.