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Ordering for the first time, need help

by /u/Bookbag33 · 1 votes · 2 weeks ago


I am thinking about ordering a small amount of drugs from Bohemia (specifically 0.25g of freebase DMT). I want to know if my opsec is good and any other things that could help to make this as smooth and as safe as possible.

Okay so I am using a tails usb stick with obfs4 bridges. I use PGP, and my account on the market shows nothing about me in real life. I am currently in a third world country, I am not ordering to my house nor using my name. I talked to a friend who has ordered stolen goods to his house before and nothing has happened. He's loyal and has proved that before in front of the feds, so he won't snitch. I also did research on the vendor and he is reputable and well known also on dread. This is currently how I'm planning to order. Oh and also I'm using XMR and sending it from my feather wallet. Anything I should change about my setup or whatever to make it better? Is tails usb with bridges enough?

Thanks a lot. Any help would be appreciated!

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/u/Bros_Unwanted_Creampie · 1 votes · 2 weeks ago · Link

Send it

/u/LoudAmp20 · 1 votes · 2 weeks ago · Link


You shouldn't use bridges unless if your gov is oppressive, you are already relatively safe on TOR. But I'm a noob myself could you explain to me how to buy crypto with your own money and how to send it to your TOR wallet without being able to get linked to these services?

Also if you don't buy with your house address where will you get it delivered (genuine question)?

Your OPSEC looks good.

/u/deathbytaliban · 1 votes · 2 weeks ago · Link

Although you're probably fine I would suggest using your real name and address. Use that PGP and just make sure it's encrypted with the vendors. You would think using someone else's drop details would bring higher anonymity to you but I wouldn't say that's the case. In doing this, you have to worry about multiple things that could be avoided using YOUR drop. You say he has proved himself in front of LE before but it's worth to mention he now knows of your illegal doings. Again you're probably fine but you gave him this power that he could potentially use against you if given the right opportunity. Even though this incriminating info would barely mean anything in front of the eyes of LE (.25g DMT, etc.) he still has this over you. Which is why I also believe you should just use your details. If the vendor gets busted and cooperates giving LE his PGP most likely nothing would come to you as you're ordering such low amounts. There's no telling what will happen if LE recognizes his name and decides to make a visit. Generally, when you order you want to use your real name and address to avoid mishaps and adding more heads. Can't tell if there's nobody to tell on.