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PART II: Aust. vendors coke review - IV edition

by /u/Reggi · 4 votes · 2 weeks ago

Apparently I hit the character limit on the original post so here is the the update. Original post can be found at:



As an injecting drug user (IDU) I have been sampling cola from a few vendors lately and thought that an IV specific coke review was warranted as, while quality is important regardless of ROA, IV users often look for qualities that non-IV users don’t care about. In light of this, please remember that drug experiences are highly subjective and please receive this review in the good faith that it was intended as some discrepancies are expected when juxtaposing an IV review with that of other ROA’s.

All the following tests were made up of .1 samples of product and hydrated with 0.5ml of water. As coke should be water soluble no heat was applied to the cooker to assist in breaking down the product. However, the product was stirred if needed to assist in the break down and allowed to sit for no longer than 3 minutes before being loaded into the syringe. All products that I am reviewing were either sampled on its own or at the start of a poly-use binge in order to prevent any confusion, keep the review fair and to maintain the integrity of the review. All products were sampled 72 hours from each other.


PSA: Vendor has stated on their shop page that they have sold out of this item. I am sure that their next batch will be top notch as per their reputation, however any future orders may not be the same batch as the one reviewed here 17/11/21.

Sample dissolved in the cooker in under a minute without the need for stirring with a very cokey smell from the cooker. No particles were detected at the bottom of the cooker as is typical/expected with actual A grade coke; cotton, as always, is recommended but possibly not necessary in the preparation of this product.

This sample was a bit of a creeper and the throat blast was detectable about 2-3 second after depression. The initial rush was nothing spectacular, but my oh my, did it have legs! The rush from this sample lasted in excess of 23ish minutes and had me grasping at my groin and feeling motivated to DM Sally Smith from high school to see if she still had a crush on me after all these years. Resulting high lasted somewhere within the 50 minute mark and was well enjoyed/received. Not too fiendish considering that IV coke always is on one level or another.


Nonetheless, I still did a total .42 session of this sample and interestingly enough the results appeared to be the same hit after hit (although objectivity was certainly abandoned after the second hit), which is positively odd given that one is essentially left to chase the initial high after the first hit. Very consistent gear.

Given the legs on this thing I would probably recommend smaller IV doses of .05 for anyone wanting to use to use it socially in this fashion. Expensive shit, but worth every cent.


Ok, back again with an INC review, this time their new DITA stamp which has replaced their Adidas stamp (which I’m still kind of salty that I didn’t get a chance to try).

As is typical with real A-grade gear, the sample dissolved completely in the cooker in just over a minute without the need for stirring. Once again, cotton was used to filter the product, although this is certainly not a must with a product like this, just a precaution.

Beautiful, almost fruity, smell radiating from the cooker which came on strong at the back of my throat before depression was completed and then even more so after complete depression. I dropped the fit and was so overcome with euphoria that I was kind of late to dabbing my arm. Strong, but manageable nystagmus followed shortly thereafter and anything above the waist line was sent into jitters. The initial rush lasted longer than INC’s other A-grade at about 14ish minutes with a strong urge to do more. Overall high lasted for 45ish minutes.

This time I hadn’t sequestered any aside which led to me blowing through the entire bag over a period of 7 hours and kind of making me look at once both tired and wide awake at work the next day. Totally worth it though ;).

While I thoroughly enjoyed this sample, I’d still say that INC’s SPORT sample is superior, if nothing else then just for the amount of pure “fuck you” it does to my central nervous system upon entry. Granted, I will definitely be resampling this product in the future.


NOTE: Unlike other samples, this one was taken only 54, instead of 72, hours after the previous samples.

First, somewhat disappointing, IV review of an INC coke product. I guess I’m reviewing their midrange products in a topsy-turvy fashion as I started with their yellow MOP opposed to their white (which would be the logical starting point given that coke is white). Or perhaps the yellow was so grand that it eclipsed any midrange product that would come after it? I dunno… anyhow:

The sample was allowed to sit in the cooker for the duration of the 3 minutes with some stirring required to get at some of the more stubborn particles. Whereas the yellow had been cut with something that allowed the sample to dissolve with ease, this product left quite a lot of residue at the bottom of the cooker. Cotton is highly recommended for this product.

The initial rush came on about 5 seconds after depression and was complimented by a meek but noticeable throat rush. Looking back on my notes (coz, I’m like a scientist an’ sheit) I would say that the overall rush lasted about the same time as the yellow clocking in at just shy of 13 minutes before dissipating. The subsequent high was euphoric and very sociable granting me a fantastic opportunity to annoy my unsuspecting housemates for its overall duration (30-35ish minutes) before dissipating. No discernible comedown was present with this batch which was all the better as I had to write this review.

My friends who sampled some of this bag the not retarded way (snorting, rather than IVing it like I do) said it was the tits, and I have a new batch on the way which I might resample in the future to see if my review was tainted by the lack of time in between “experiments”. So far, however, the yellow MOP remains the midrange IV product of choice, if not simply or the ease with which it is prepared.


Honestly, I almost wasn’t going to bother posting this review but here we go…

Product was allowed the entire 3 minutes to dissolve in the cooker. Of which half of it didn’t, leaving large crystalline rocks at the bottom of the cooker. The product smelt like soy sauce for some unbeknown reason. The combination of these two factors led me to abandon the experiment.

The end.

Other reviews on this product remains mostly positive, and it is definitely coke, so I will stash this sample for a future night out when I don’t have my rigs with me and have to do coke the boring way.

Comments (3)
/u/aufreedom Freedom · 1 votes · 2 weeks ago · Link

Good stuff. +1

/u/nugget · 1 votes · 2 weeks ago · Link

Another excellent report mate.

Same results if railling it.

The "proof is in the pudding", with those 2 top reports about /u/aussieimportpillsv2 and /u/inc A grade.

May pay a bit more for the 2, but you get a lot more bang for your bucks, getting cola that tests at over 90% than say, 75%.

It has only, just recently, opened my eyes to the quality that is available in Aus.

It is refreshing being able to get high on 50mg, rather that 150mg lines.

Have you done a report on PWW or going to, he has some really good feedback and I havent read anything that wasnt 5 stars?

/u/Reggi OP · 1 votes · 2 weeks ago · Link

I hope to do a PWW review some time in the future, not sure when though. The problem is that the minimum listing he has (1g) is 480 buckaroos which could be used to purchase 2-3 samples off other vendors so I have steered clear of it. I have contacted PWW about the issue and they told me that their .5 listing didn't gain much traction so they pulled it (which is odd in my mind but, hey, I'm not gonna tell someone how to suck eggs).

Thanks for your interest in my IV reviews!