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please help friends................

by /u/pleasehelpme123 · 1 votes · 3 months ago

imma try and make this simple, questions

reason why i am asking is instead of using vpn,socks,VM,rdp,vps and others for fraud i was thinking if i could some how configure a non blacklisted proxy as well as install my browser of choice and then use this setup for my fraud activities, when i connect to my proxy it will only see the tor node so i will have this to fall back on if LE get past the proxy

i would love help please, again... i want to use tails before i connect to a clean proxy and then use a normal browser to then do fraud

1- when using tails is it possible to configure a proxy within tails to then be able to connect and vist sites that block tor nodes?

2- when using tails is it possible to download programs within tails, for an example, like chrome, firefox, tmac, mullvad and anything else?

3- if it is possible to download a browser of my choice, will i then configure my proxy in...

the browser itself


within the tails settings


within actual TOR browser

4- if i cannot install any browsers could i then use the tor browser itself with a proxy configured within it to conduct fraud? doubt it would work as i would have to lower the settings to safe or something

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/u/dont_be_an_eep · 1 votes · 3 months ago · Link

i dont know shit about fraud, so i don't have any advice on how to best implement the setup you are looking for. But i do know a little about OpSec, so i will address your questions from that point of view.

1/yes. Tails is literally just a security hardened Debian distro, so theoretically (although it would be a pain), you can do everything on Tails you would a normal Debian machine. Your tor circuit would end at the exit node, and you are essentially adding one more hop in between you and your destination. I don't currently see why you couldn't alter the torrc and config files of the tor-daemon, remove the wrapper, and use the proxy like you would any other proxy on Linux. I am not a Tails user so maybe someone more educated can find the holes in this answer.

2/yes. Like mentioned above, its just Debian. I'm unsure if you can add the repos to /etc/apt/sources.list and have it persist, but I know you can install other tools and applications as long as you install them in your Persistence directory. Otherwise, you'd have to reinstall every time you reboot.

3/There are always options to specify the proxy settings in whatever browser you choose. I don't know what you mean by "Tails settings", as every setting you could adjust could only be inside Tails. If you use the tool ProxyChains-ng (found on github), you'd have to adjust the config file to use whichever proxy you want to utilize.

4/Proxies are public legal servers anyone can access. They don't inherently provide any real protection, other than it being useful to obscure the source IP from the destination. Any level of LE would be able to get past a simple proxy. A VPN, socks proxy, VM, rdp, and a VPS is one powerful combo if done right. Does just using one single proxy provide better protection than that massive stack? Not a chance.