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privacy for personal buyers

by /u/yaboi69 · 1 votes · 3 weeks ago

I understand most if not all the rules on how to do things on this side of the web. I have read the buyers bible. Tails is always the best choice or has been for me. I just have always wonder for a small time buyer maybe 100-200 spent every few weeks to a month. What is the worries those buyers have if they don't use proper privacy. Are the governments really going after that? If so why? Seems like a waster of resources.

Also I see people say don't use phones but if everything is prepaid and cash with the right os and on free wifi with no sim, why couldn't that work for small buyers?

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/u/dontlaugh Darknet Shaman · 6 votes · 3 weeks ago · Link

it's unlikely that they'll go for you specifically, but opsec, and what you do to keep you safe is based around an outlying worst possible situation.

you don't want to be some easy picking collateral damage from a market or vendor bust - or simply piss someone off that wants to target you. there are a lot of reasons to keep your shit safe mate.

nothing is a problem, until it is.

/u/[deleted] · 2 votes · 3 weeks ago · Link


/u/lagged_expletive · 1 votes · 3 weeks ago · Link

Probably disruption, but i could be wrong

/u/MrLivian · 1 votes · 3 weeks ago · Link

it is different country by country ... it is not something general...

and regarding safety.... also it is safe if you will do right.... If you will replicate.... what is safe today , tomorrow can not be safe at all....

this is why it is better to use dead drops... and a burner with removable battery...

stay safe