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Proper way to setup android emulator for bank drops?

by /u/kostkoz · 1 votes · 10 months ago

I setup a blue stacks 5 in a windows 10 vm but none of the apps work. Whats the correct and safest way to setup an emulator?

Comments (3)
/u/xuj 🍼 · 2 votes · 10 months ago · Link

You can't use Android emulator on VM because there is no graphic card. Only on real PC or VDS. On VPS also will not work.

/u/kostkoz 📢 OP · 1 votes · 10 months ago · Link

Is this safe enough?

Ubuntu> public wifi> mac changer>vpn>android-x86>imei changer

/u/Dresscode419 🍼 · 1 votes · 10 months ago · Link