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[PSA] I2P Guide - For Those Looking at an Alternative to TOR - (Pinned post)

by /u/dontlaugh Darknet Shaman · 4 votes · 4 months ago

as many of you have noticed it can be a bit of a shit-fight to get on to onions right now.

i'm not a security or tech expert and usually am quite adverse to change, but i decided to give I2P a go on my set up as an alternative to waiting waiting waiting on onions to load.

here is an in depth guide put together by /u/MommaBear and /u/FatherBear that i used to give it a go:

Ultimate Guide to I2P


this is not us telling you that i2p is 100% safe and the new go to - what this post is really meant to do is offer what we've found to be a great guide for you to use if you choose to check out i2p.


*do your own research on i2p(there is a fair amount of info on dread already)

*give it a go and comment your experiences below for the rest of the community to learn from

*offer any suggestions

*stay safe

take care - dl