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RamboUk2Uk Mcat + Barbara Hash + Deluxe Speed + Gelato Shake Reviews

by /u/excusememate · 1 votes · 1 week ago

Vendor Details Product Details
Market: AlphaBay + ASAP Vendor Name:/u/RamboUk2Uk Escrow Listing: FE Product: Mcat Barbara Has Gelato Shake Deluxe Speed Price: (1-10): Banging prices ✓ Quality (1-10): Mcat 10 Barbara Hash 10 Gelato Shake:8 Deluxe Speed 7
Customer Service Shipping / Stealth[th]
Clear Sales Terms: They always do! PM Response Time: I have messaged them around the clock they respond in real-time. Easy to work with: They certainly make life easy. Accepted / Shipped times: They accept and ship same day. Printed shipping label: always! Stealth (Please be vague):They definitely set the bar I don't come across much better. Hash Speed Shake
Personal experience / thoughts on product and order
Mcat - This is a product I have purchased from them before because it's the best I've had since it was legal. If you know about your Mcat and take it yourself then this is a product I am able to guarantee won't disappoint you. For those who haven't tried Mcat or don't know what it is. Mcat is a synthetic drug, research chemical which gives the best value for money. It's a euphoric drug more so than cocaine and speed. The buzz isn't as clean as a nice cocaine but I have easily had cocaine which is worse and in more ways than one. On average cocaine ends up blocking my nose more. Mcat smells like cat piss typically, if you're sensitive then snorting it will be something you need to get used to. Something you will get used to very quickly is 10 grams of meow is £70 and you can get 1 gram of coke for that. These guys offer the highest quality Mcat or for less than other vendors I've seen. They also offer multiple postal methods and if you choose special delivery before their cut of time it's going to land the next day. Barbara Hash - They call this the builders hash. This hash is perfect for me! I have nothing bad to say about this product. I am not a massive smoker. I do appreciate a nice high. I find it easier to appreciate a hash high. I know for a fact I can get £30 if I sell 3.5g of this stuff. They offer two varieties of hash and this is my favourite of the two. It crumbles very well, no mm p for any other funny business. It smells good and tastes even better than a hash should for the price they're selling it at. The high is what I typically want because it's not overwhelming. Even if I smoke more money than usual. It offers a very wholesome, earthly vibe which only adds to the warmth. This is another value for money deal. Deluxe Speed - I've had it twice and both times it's done the job. It stays at its most potent when It's kept in a freezer/fridge. I recommend this if you're willing to keep it preserved. I wasn't too keen, it was too much on the paste side for me. It was very sticky and you can't snort it. You can swallow this stuff as a paste and it will tick all the Amphetamine boxes. I did 4 grams in a day and it fucked me. Unfortunately I thought it lost its potency when it dried out. Nonetheless it did the job, it might be someone else's cup of tea. Gelato Shake - They call it the budget shake. This is yet another item they sell which is fair in its price and does get you high. It's a nice vibrant green too. I saw some dead brown shakes so I can assure you this has life in it and smells good. It got me higher than my mate who buns on a regular basis. I smoked it on its own and it burnt well. If you like weed over hash and are tight for money you'd typically get this. I prefer a hash over weed but I prefer this Shake over buds of weed because it's more mellow. I'm not about getting too monged. If shake is your jam and you haven't used these guys theb use them. You'll get a competitive price and a professional service.
Comments (2)
/u/rambouk2uk P Confirmed Market Vendor · 1 votes · 1 week ago · Link


thanks alot for going out ur way to write this



/u/newbieforever2018 Mod · 1 votes · 6 days ago · Link

Great review!