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[Review] 56g Epicure Flower, Pancakes Strain from SFTreats

by /u/AldoRaine · 1 votes · 1 month ago

Vendor SFTreats

Market Direct Deal - sftreats@riseup.net

Product 56g Epicure - Pancakes Strain

Cost 450 (Shipping included)

Shipping Speed 3 days, shipped within 24 hrs of funding

Stealth Visual and odor barrier, clearly labeled strain and weight

Communication Fast and helpful

Summary I’ve been ordering from SFT for quite a while; so with the markets in turmoil, they are a safe haven for weed. I saw that /u/Wombat720 posted a review for the Epicure. Once I saw that, I messaged SFT immediately and they sent out the pack in less than 24 hrs. For those who don’t know, SFT sells weed in multiple tiers and Epicure is their top tier weed product. They make it available in limited supply, a few times a year.


Photo 1 - Full View

Photo 2 - Close Up

Strain info This cultivar is the brainchild of a collaboration between two heavyweight breeders, Seed Junky Genetics and Cookies Fam. The parent strains London Poundcake #75 and Kush Mints #11 are known for delivering a robust terp profile, that tastes like butter and syrup! The genetics for this phenotype are slightly indica leaning, coming with some interesting effects, including euphoria, creativity and an enhanced sense of touch. It’s believed that the dominant terpenes, Beta Caryophyllene, Limonene and Beta-Myrcene produce a synergistic effect, which is soothing to both body and mind.

Appearance The nugs came in bricked and were difficult to break down, compromising some of the structure. They are all large, most weighing about 2g - 3g ea. The colors are very vibrant, with rich purple and green on very thick fluffy leaves, finished with an abundance of bright, thick orange hairs. The buds are drenched in trichomes that are large and heavy. You can see in photo1, the trichome heads fell off the plant and rest on the container.

Aroma When I pop the jar, I’m greeted with a woody, earthy and sweet aroma. The strength of the aroma is very light, but I wasn’t surprised, the vendor mentioned that the buds may need more time to cure. I dropped the buds in a jar to continue curing. So far after 24 hrs, they have improved a bit. I expect they will need a few more days to fully develop.

Flavor I vaporized a little less than a gram. On the exhale, you clearly experience the terps, a buttery sweetness that’s reminiscent of a stack of Pancakes! The flavor is bold and sticks around well after the session.

Effects The high is the star of the show, very unique. The headchange is gradual, total creeper. After a few minutes, I find myself in an extremely clear headed and relaxed state, with a huge smile on my face. This strain smokes super smooth; I got many large vapor clouds and did not come close to coughing. The effects are super enjoyable, long lasting and not overwhelming. This strain can be enjoyed any time of day, allowing you to remain high functioning.

Conclusion I’m a tough critic, but I am very pleased with this pack. The weed shined in every way, starting with great genetics, fresh texture, great colors, strong terp profile and nicely balanced effects. This weed delivers on top shelf quality, well worth the ticket.