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Sad state of affairs....

by /u/Iprophet994 · 1 votes · 3 months ago

My oh my, how did we get here?

The cocaine scene in Aus via DNM is finished for the time being, so lets reminisce...

I only got into this during covid times - mid 2021 - so my perspective is during this time until early 2022.

Lets go back to the beginning, shall we.

underlinecost - Ahhh, my first intro to the scene, and it was delightful. This was before his stuff fell off a bit, it was a mellow high but amazing at the same time. Clean, effective, and well worth the price tag. It was definitely one of my favourites - unfortunately their product fell off and then eventually they did too... You are sorely missed, Sir.

jessejamesoz - Only made one order off of these fellas, it was actually not bad gear, not the best but they reflected this by a lower price tag. Unsure wtf happened to this vendor.

pureau - Believe it or not, not much has changed with this clown. Terrible comms, terrible shipping times, terrible product. I actually gave up on my order with them, and chalked it up as a loss, but to my surprise it showed up. It was horribly expensive, and it most certainly was not coke. It had us up off our heads impossible to sleep, may as well have taken speed. Be sure to avoid this idiot. Apart from the one batch they had in early 2021 (I did not get to try this) they have been rubbish since from my experience. Reviews continue to be mixed it seems...

inc - first order off of the infamous inc, white MOP. It was aight... I was a noob, complained to them as it seemed to have "chunks of plastic" throughout the product, which I now come to understand was boric. But inc reshipped that same day, budget nonetheless, but still compensation is compensation. Months later I went on to try their dita & sports. Sports was first, it was great, i loved it. Ordered it again, great again, tried the dita and well.... rubbish. Same effect as pureau's junk, stimmed to the hills. got a reship and was rectified. inc assured me the first order was the same stuff, but im convinced i got the wrong product in that little baggy.

Prestigeworldwide - This stuff was nice, it was a strong buzz but super clean feeling. Not much else to say here, these guys seem to be honest with their write-ups of the product, expensive but at least they dont bullshit you.

MrColes - ahh MrColes, I heard over n over about these guys, and I ALWAYS missed the boat. But not this time - I fucking secured my baggy. I can't remember which stamp it was exactly, RS? Colo? Not sure. But it was super mellow, really nice stuff. It was a tad weaker in hindsight i guess? But I enjoyed it, was cheap as too so it was definitely up there with one of my favs. Seems he's hit and miss these days (who isn't), but I got no ill will towards Coles.

SierraFoxtrot - This bloke was a fucking magician. Working out of his shabby little garage in Moorebank - absolute clown how he ran his ship but fuck me he was on a roll with his gear right before the bust. The absolute QUICKEST shipping in the game, till this day, this bloke didn't fuck around. First order, great - lived up to the hype. Second order - well just look at any negative review about him and its related to this same batch. It was basically a bag of boric, made me horribly ill and was terrible. Burnt a lot of bridges with that. But quickly bounced back with what was the best gear i've ever received off of here. Legitimately straight off the brick he had on hand, 2 big rocks. Fucking ROCKET FUEL, holy shitt this stuff was strong. I think this is the closest I've gotten to real blow personally. Funny side note - I actually woke up the night after sending it on this stuff, did 3 slug sized lines in 10 minutes and 1 hour later almost wound up in fucking hospital. Came home and poured over a gram of this stuff down the loo... A shame, I know. This was the beginning of the end of my stim days, i was on a bad path and ultimately this silly mistake of mine gave me a much needed wakeup call.

Secretservice - Tried their lower grade & higher grade. I believe lower grade was "peruvian" and higher grade was dubbed "bolivian" - dont quote me on this. The lower grade stuff sucked, like really sucked, I think this was straight creatine, did nothing. Higher grade stuff was really strong, unfortunately it was towards the very end of this run so I did not enjoy it & yep, you guessed it, sent it on its way down the lou...

Aussieimportspillsv.2 - Strong as fuck, SFT's I thought was better despite the massive hype behind his gear at the time. But these guys were reliable, just fucking ridiculously expensive. They will also be missed.

And that was the end, I have had friends in the meantime try:

ozconnection - TRASH, i'd avoid.

Luscious - gold, they loved it.

Inc - White MOP (diff batch to what I tried), they liked it a lot.

That's it, that's all I've got. I hope this was a somewhat enjoyable read and sent some people on a little trip down memory lane themselves...

If you've just managed to get here, and feel like you've missed out, my advice to you would be WAIT... Just fucking wait, don't get desperate, don't fall for the bullshit and please, please use ANY narcotic in moderation.

In the meantime, leave your own little story below of your favourite or even least favourable experiences here in the wild wild west of DNM experiences.

Comments (6)
/u/spagettivend · 1 votes · 3 months ago · Link

zoom out a bit more, it really started to do from the onset of covid, with still some okay products in the mix but really high pricing due to the standstill of mail and air cargo (I suspect)

Also a lot of vendors got busted, much more than pre 2020

your declaration of AusDNM scene dead I agree with it, most product is shit and way overpriced if it's legit, a lot of fake stuff too. I held on to hope for a long time but I've basically let it go entirely this second half of 2022.

If you're willing to pay top dollar for mostly average drugs, there is probably still a vendor or two that can cater, but I've never seen it this bad.

As for pharma, get a script (I know often easier said than done) or import yourself.

It's not dreads fault but the constant DDOS makes me not bother to try and get on here most days now. Probably plenty of others are the same.

It's kind of a shame DNM used to really excite me, now it's kind of faded out in the background.

edit: I kind of get why you didn't quit earlier I did the same shit with h vendors but with the ratio of bullshit you were scoring I'd like to think I'd have stopped trying sooner

/u/Iprophet994 OP · 1 votes · 3 months ago · Link

Well as I said I only got in after the onset of covid.

I dont believe aus DNM scene is dead entirely - the cocaine scene is, for now. As for things like weed, I think there’s some really solid options out there. But yes, due to the DDOS attacks etc. I totally agree its on a downward spiral.

Honestly, before I quit, there were some solid options for blow - but I believe I quit at the right time as its continued to go downhill unfortunately. I feel for anyone that relies on here for basically anything other than weed, as its looking pretty grim atm..

DNM used to really excite me too, but that excitement has slowly faded away for the reasons you mentioned.

This was more a trip down memory lane than anything else. I’m just glad i got the opportunity to experience some of it while it was still alive and kicking.

/u/H3LPM3 · 1 votes · 3 months ago · Link

tabs, dmt and ket are still going strong cant lie, but the ket is expensive but still awesome

got incs and was all crytsals of ket which is what you want and it smacked ay

/u/supernormal · 1 votes · 3 months ago · Link

AIP held a DNMAus poetry competition and gave away thousands of $$$ of gear. Top winners got $1000 worth of product. I chose 2g of top shelf coke and it was really fkn strong. Lined up a few 30-40mg bumps and it lasted hours.

/u/coinjack · 1 votes · 3 months ago · Link

I am hoping that the coke scene has hit its bottom. I was buying the $600-$700/g from INC until recently. The quality of even this has been declining. That's the sport, dita and yellow MOP (whatever that is!) stamps. Even I have hit the wall when I have much more money than sense. I hope that people just now begin to not buy and things change. For the first time I can remember I have no coke and I have no plans to throw another $700 at it again at any time soon.

I can remember back to days when there were people like Ned Kelly, Joe Blow, a brief appearance by a guy who had some of the best every, Mr Whiteness, people like prestigeworldwde and pureau were reliable, but now these are long gone. I am doubtful it will reach those heights again. I actually think that the cops are hitting and making a dent nowadays. Sad, but I suspect true.

But I live in hope.

/u/bluebezza · 1 votes · 3 months ago · Link

Funny how when MrColes left a few months ago the scene went downhill rapidly, its as if he was propping up other vendors with his cheaper prices and better quality. Those were the days when coke of decent standard was 350 *sigh*