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SBS: Making DL Barcode (Pinned post)

by /u/nomtim MOD · 22 votes · 6 months ago

First download this guide:


Read from page 66 to 77 to understand the values.


@\n\0x1e\rANSI 636000100002DL00410278ZV03190008DLDAQT64235789















DAU068 in














If you're still confused about the inputs, I can make DL barcodes for 5$ LTC each. To make a perfect DL, you have to get a state ID template and clone the text.

Useful Links to scan your barcode:



Barcode Generator:

https://www.free-barcode-generator.net/pdf417/ /u/gwhizzle10 shared this link. I found the rest myself.

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/u/nomtim MOD OP · 3 votes · 6 months ago (Pinned post) · Link


Go to the generator site mentioned above.

1. Select type of information, for encode as PDF417 code: Choose TEXT and input it.

2. Convertsubstrings \\, \r, \n, \t, \0xHH to character equivalent (HH is hexadecimal character code in range from 00 to FF): YES

3. Error correction level: 3 (16 codes)

4. Output charater code page for characters with codes greater than 127 (characters outside selected code page will be ignored): US-ASCII

5. Include ECI: NO

6. Dot size: 2

7. Safe margin: 2

8. Row height: 3

9. If possible, then generator try generate code, which looks like: 4:1

10. Bars color: BLACK

11. Background color: WHITE

/u/gwhizzle10 · 3 votes · 6 months ago · Link

Thanks for the mention bro. I appreciate your passion and efforts to educate and contribute versus what we all see too much of which is asking for a handout or trying to get over on someone and get them to do the work for you.

If you're going to make any money whatsoever doing this - This right here - these barcodes are the key to all of it. Period. You can fake anything you need to. Shit sometimes I'll make an ID that shocks even myself at how real it looks. But without the barcode, it's specs, it's placement and an understanding of what these machines are looking for when it gets scanned? It's all for nothing.

My original post just scratched the surface. After a few messages back and forth with /u/nomtim I realized that I still had more to learn on a topic and subject that requires 100 percent perfection to work. You can't be off by millimeter or one character. Error correction has to be right. All that shit..

Once again /u/nomtim thanks for sharing the specifics and digging a little bit deeper to help us all get a little bit better at one of the more difficult to master pieces of our craft.

Oh btw do you have the format for Idaho? If so please get up with me on that. Like ASAP. You won't believe it when I tell you the story my bro.

/u/0iramxan · 1 votes · 3 months ago · Link

how fuckng g is that comment at the end

/u/HarryThotter · 3 votes · 4 months ago · Link

This is probably the most helpful post I have ever came across on dread. Thank you.

/u/BabyGio3 · 0 votes · 4 months ago · Link

Honestly, I've had a dtc1250e for a min now and the barcodes/Templates are what's been holding me back. I've honestly been ripping myself up how it sat for a min. Thank You /u/nomtim and /u/gwhizzle10 Thank You as well

/u/teddiestarke · 2 votes · 6 months ago · Link

from what I have personally narrowed down to over the years is that, There must be something else the really advanced scanners are looking for.

Do they compare mug shots to state DB?

and... other pieces of data that we cannot replicate (unless we have ID scan of fullz) such as 'Discriminator' number - Perhaps the scanner compares this as well??? I dunno

Any guesses?

/u/ShineOnPooh · 1 votes · 1 week ago · Link

Heuristic analaysis stolen from MalwareBytes. Don't ask how I know this. And only 3 entities re using this, none of them SEC/FDIC affiliated banks.

/u/TheRealEvil · 2 votes · 5 months ago · Link

this won't pass scanner verification due to the special characters missing.

what you want to do is take a scan from a real barcode, convert it to base64, then in software (i use php for my website to do it), convert back from base64, and text replace all the values. don't forget to add the correct state/province AAMVA code. the AAMVA code is the first 6 digits after the ANSI tag. in this case it's VA (636000)

make sure to replace that with the appropriate state code for the dl you're printing.

/u/nomtim MOD OP · 1 votes · 5 months ago · Link

Read the first characters I wrote. They're the special characters. The generator we're using can convert them into US-ASCII characters.

/u/mschmitz007 · 1 votes · 1 month ago · Link

If you need someone to make IDS or anytype of PSD from any state hit up @Jacobellis2019 on telagram my mans did some flame Id Pics FOR me his shit definitely gon pass it

/u/[deleted] · 1 votes · 6 months ago · Link

Perfect info for novice

/u/zk222 · 1 votes · 6 months ago · Link

I feel dumb for having to ask this, but just to clarify: this is to help when making a fake ID scan, correct?

/u/nomtim MOD OP · 1 votes · 6 months ago (Pinned post) · Link

To make a perfect DL, you have to get a state ID template and clone the text.

/u/pensl · 1 votes · 6 months ago · Link

dude it literally says in the title

/u/zk222 · 0 votes · 6 months ago · Link

No, it does not. It states WHAT it is making, not what it is making it for.

/u/pensl · 1 votes · 6 months ago · Link

thats the same thing. what do you think a drivers license barcode is for smh

/u/zk222 · 5 votes · 6 months ago · Link

Boy, you sure want to be a smart ass pretty bad? Huh? Does it make you feel superior? Do you feel cool? Well, you know what a Driver's License Barcode is for? It's for a Barcode Scanner to scan and quickly grab the information off of it! Do you know what it's not for? Verifying a picture of a DL is legit.

You want to know what common sense tells anyone who actually ISN'T a dipshit moron, begging to be accepted in the average IQ and above crowd?

An unintended effect of having a bar code on the DL made it so people can verify pictures of them are legit. Someone who doesn't deal with this type of situation won't commonly know sites that use pictures of IDs/DLs for verification may also use the barcode within the picture to prevent against fakes.

So please, take your head out of your ass and go to reddit if you're going to be a dipshit. Just because Dread has the same setup as Reddit, doesn't mean it is.

Cringe loser.

Oh, and before you come up with some retard way to try and wiggle out of me calling out you being a dipshit: Barcodes have been appearing on DLs since before the early 90s. That's before the internet was public.

EDIT: Sorry I had to spank you, buddy. But I glanced through your previous comments, and you've been pretty toxic. Now, you don't seem like a complete braindead, so hopefully you can try and be productive rather than negative :)! If not, as I stated, you've got the wrong forum. This isn't Reddit.

/u/pensl · 4 votes · 6 months ago · Link

1. LOL at you completely flying off the handle. There really are some crazy people on here lol

2. Isn't that obvious that dl barcodes are used for verification and you have to format them correctly to pass this verification? I thought that was obvious I mean why else would the mod post this.

Also thank you for that fun fact about how old DL barcodes are.

/u/TheAppleEveAte · 1 votes · 5 months ago · Link

thank you!

people need to connect dots themselves, lazy thinkers.

/u/shakhunsa · 1 votes · 5 months ago · Link

is there any method to bypass Advance scan?

/u/TheRealEvil · 1 votes · 5 months ago · Link

see my comment

/u/otfgbe300 · 1 votes · 4 months ago · Link

Can someone source me to a set of good templates I've been looking

/u/BeenGettingMoney · 1 votes · 4 months ago · Link


/u/mmarkbcchuthar · 0 votes · 3 months ago · Link

generic trash... anything of quality isnt going to run ya $17.99... Just sayin...

/u/BeenGettingMoney · 1 votes · 3 months ago · Link

you do know those are scans vendors use to print out dl's right? not the outdated trash u find on markets

/u/cosfromnet · 1 votes · 2 months ago · Link

Search "usa-barcode", "pdf417" links from .cc domain.

/u/cosfromnet · 1 votes · 2 months ago · Link

What think about the services of the online-generator barcode pdf-417? Fully match to original US driver license for any states.

/u/cosfromnet · 1 votes · 2 months ago · Link

I found the following. Valid online-generator driver license barcode:



/u/Audubon365 · 1 votes · 2 hours ago · Link

If I have ssn, name, Dob, address and their registered phone number is there any way I can get to know their dl number. any lookup or bug in vehicle insurance company.

/u/aceofspade · 0 votes · 5 months ago · Link


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/u/teddiestarke · 0 votes · 3 months ago · Link

The AAMVA information is actually very simple.. its just all the reading over and overlooking that goes on when you're new at this..

anyway, one other thing I'd mention is finding generator that gives you control of latching. This is process of while generating a barcode, it changes from "text" to "numeric" to "byte" ... so that the maximum saving of data space is done. Watch! try to remake yall's pdf417, and use photoshop , create two layers - one with your actually barcode image and the other with the newly generated barcode image, (on top of old) and change opacity to 50% so that you can see through it .. you will notice that it wont match up in some places/zones. you will then have two different barcode images, yet both scan out same reading... ???? AHH HA!!! A solution to this is to program your own generator.