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Seasonal allergies

by /u/Expectant · 1 votes · 5 days ago


Worse than ever or I don't know. I have fucked up genetics or I don't know. I'm allergic to so much shit, luckily most not lethal just shit feeling. I don't know.

Clogged nose. Sneezing all the time. Tingly throat. Brain fogs. Eyes fucked. I keep dosing those antihistamines and using Flonase and still feel like shit.

How to cure this? Do you have some allergies?

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/u/Vespair · 1 votes · 5 days ago · Link

There is no cure. Wash your hair everyday, wash your nose with salted water, clean your house more often, change your sheet more often, open the window only the night and early in the morning. You can try a therapy during 3 years, talk to a doctor about that. Works for some people, not a high %. Next step : move close to the ocean / sea. We're together bro.

/u/morikabo · 1 votes · 5 days ago · Link

How old are you? Sometimes with age these subside. Sometimes if you eat healthy and rough up your body once in a while these go away. Try boosting your immunity. Take up running or other forms of high intensity working out if possible. Helps. Sometimes changing your diet helps too.

/u/capobianco · 1 votes · 4 days ago · Link

Try benadryl, they work like magic