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[SELL] Vendor Website Hosting / Developement + Telegram Bot

by /u/SkyHash · 1 votes · 2 months ago

Hello everyone Sky team here,

As the title says we're offering to host and develop a fully automated vendor shop for any type of vendor.

What do we offer:

- Frontend and backend develop of your website

- High quality hosting of the website on a dedicated off-shore hosting

- Next-generation Telegram vendor bot included fully connected to the website backend

- Admin / Vendor panel that can manage every single order made on the website or Telegram Bot

- Monero and Bitcoin node hosting on the dedicated server with automatic withdrawal system

- 24/7 maintenance of the service

We also offer to clients demo website and demo telegram bots that we already have developed and are currently in production.

We accept only serious vendors that are willing to grow their business, we are currently running some shops online so we have demos/reps everything you want to see before doing a deal.

We accept monero and bitcoin as payment, no full upfront money is needed, we get paid as the shop is being created like we did in the past.

For more info please contact us on telegram: @skyhashtor