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Smart Contract Escrow

by /u/web3developer · 0 votes · 1 month ago

We're building the future of crypto payments centered around convenience, privacy, and security. Designed for markets and individuals who need a safer way to send and receive crypto payments. Compatible with metamask and trust wallet dapp browser.

β€’ dapp prototype

β€’ time-lock feature

β€’ recall feature

β€’ support popular tokens

β€’ public testing (SOON)

Safety features:

All transactions will go through tornado cash automatically.



Questions? please DM

Do you want to contribute, please comment

Comments (5)
/u/LydiaRQ · 2 votes · 1 month ago · Link

If I understand correctly the project would be a transfer system with bells and whistles? This would be rather cool as it could apply to 90% of transactions. Thing is does it run on a block chain and how to the accounts factor in to the system? Though it functions similarly it couldn't possibly be called a smart contract right?

/u/web3developer OP · 1 votes · 1 month ago · Link

Yea all transactions go through smart contracts and a blockchain. Everything can be checked by the seller and buyer. In the back end there are multiple smart contracts talking to each other, i have just added a web ui for ease of use. So anyone could easily use our system outside of the website and manually transact with the smart contracts

/u/LydiaRQ · 1 votes · 1 month ago · Link

Incredible. Can it really work like that? I need to catch up on how it is done because it just seems out of this world if it's true. You are way ahead of everyone else if you've already done all that. The next step then would be to show how all the tech works to be able to convince potencial users I am guessing.

/u/JoeExotic · 1 votes · 1 month ago · Link

the feds sanctioned Tornado Cash 48 hours ago.

/u/web3developer OP · 1 votes · 1 month ago · Link

So they did, damn this went right over my head as i've been extremely busy with this haha!

Oh well, time to create our own I suppose.

What to focus on next, create our own, or not implement such a feature?