Still Under DDOS, but here is a status update anyway. The Tor network is breaking.
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Someone doesn't want us up. April 11 DDOS attack. I2P mirror online?

by /u/Paris A · 17 votes · 7 months ago


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And here I was going to just relax a bit, work on the recon update, and not worry too much. BUT NO. We can't have nice things.

I have been delaying the i2p endpoint announcement simply because my reliability with the i2p network has been... terrible is one word I'll use. It might because how I'm personally connecting into the i2p network or because of how the i2p network system is designed for dread (layers of i2p nodes to the core). I was figuring it out and also gathering information about how the i2p network handles different things. There is a chicken and an egg problem here with i2p. They need more people using their network. It is, from what I got from the IPs and bandwidth statistics on the distributed floodfill nodes, far smaller and far less resistant to Sybil attacks. They don't try to hide that fact (in their fantastic documentation) but it is still a problem. With scale there is a lot of promise here with the proper supports.

Dread will NEVER use any addressbook which can transparently MiTM attack you. It is very important to only visit using the base32 hostname. With that being said I'm going forward with the announcement to provide a hopefully more stable as time goes on i2p mirror.

This is Paris from Dread. As promised we now have an i2p mirror:


It is the biggest dicked i2p website yet. Guaranteed.
















Comments (26)
/u/makemecry · 8 votes · 7 months ago · Link

these were ~24 long hours without dread, i realized i'm addicted to it.. should i get some help?

/u/ATOC · 3 votes · 7 months ago · Link

Good work on the i2p link.. is working decent, stable on i2p - Good to be back

/u/PaperHat · 3 votes · 7 months ago · Link

Been using Tor for 9 years but have no experience with i2p. Would someone kindly explain the pros and cons of i2p and Tor?

/u/123doerayme · 1 votes · 7 months ago · Link


/u/fishgender · 1 votes · 7 months ago · Link

You don't get the capcha at the start. Other than that it is same

/u/HeadJanitor · 2 votes · 7 months ago · Link

Lord have mercy.

/u/BCKM · 2 votes · 7 months ago · Link

Tremendously helpful and necessary forum, Was indeed worried for a bit. Glad we're back up and running.

/u/ShulginIsMyGod · 2 votes · 7 months ago · Link


keep it up! (I mean... really lol ahah)

/u/user0001 · 2 votes · 7 months ago · Link

Good job Paris! I love that i2p mirror

I'm proud of you

/u/ProfessorsEmporium · 1 votes · 7 months ago · Link

You gunna need a wheelbarrow for that thing!

/u/chagamushroom · 1 votes · 7 months ago · Link

Wen i2p for tails?

/u/cannedgoods · 1 votes · 7 months ago · Link

When Dread back on TOR serrr?

/u/daddyDEA · 1 votes · 7 months ago · Link

soooo, dread and abacus main mirror on same server location?? See you soon son.

/u/Papinian3 · 1 votes · 7 months ago · Link

Dear Paris! Welcome on I2P board (among us)! What to add? Stay ahead of the game! ;-) Rgds. Papinian3

/u/luvu3 · 1 votes · 7 months ago · Link

You are doing the lords work Paris.

/u/LoveMeSweet2022 · 1 votes · 7 months ago · Link

far smaller and far less resistant to Sybil attacks

That was what Bazil Fawlty used as an excuse every time he used Manuel to be the barer of bad news to his wife

/u/fishgender · 1 votes · 7 months ago · Link

TYVM!!! I'm a big big big fan of I2P. Can't believe it has arrived!

/u/drakoflako · 1 votes · 7 months ago · Link

i am using i2p right now and like it, well done so far!!

Java alert appears very often..

But at all, great project, keep it up! Thanks a lot =))

/u/fishgender · 1 votes · 7 months ago · Link

Use i2pd, lighter on RAM, less bloat. But not that user-friendly. You need to have a basic understanding of setting up

/u/PacMart · 1 votes · 7 months ago · Link

I was reading that the Government does these DDOS attacks. Somehow it can expose the IP of the server. I was also reading that they might own Tor nodes and if they own 3 Tor nodes. They could with enough work find the server.

/u/Paris A OP · 1 votes · 7 months ago · Link

That is kinda true. DDOS attacks can help locate a server on the Tor network. Which is one of the reasons why I run guard nodes specifically for the dread cluster. No core server ever connects to the Tor network directly.

/u/consumer · 1 votes · 7 months ago · Link

Have you considered asking /u/DeSnake for help on this since Alphabay seems to be the leading market explaining and promoting i2p?

I thought i2p was for protecting against vector attacks? Maybe I read wrong somewhere.

Personally, I will continue using Tor/Onion networks until i2p becomes the norm. Thanks to everyone in their efforts to make it this way, trail blazing as those who pushed XMR to be the new standard in illegal tx activity.

Thank you for your time.

/u/Paris A OP · 1 votes · 7 months ago · Link

He was the one which pushed for us to adopt i2p. He provided a lot of guidance and allowed me to fix up some smaller issues. For me i2p is the counter to load based DDOS attacks. The more traffic the attacker wants to push out on i2p the more you need to also help i2p's traffic.

It's an alternative. Which all large forum sites should have. In the case where the Tor network goes down, there needs to be another private way to access these services.

/u/consumer · 1 votes · 7 months ago · Link

I can see why he pushes this in hindsight that Alphabay will need it as it grows and becomes more and more of a hot target for Ddos.

That actually gives me piece of mind. Alphabay securing that nothing will interrupt business with these preemptive steps, proof of wanting to be in the game for the long run. Specially with the grand visions of a true decentralized market which is supposedly in works and being supplemented with profits from the current market itself. I think it is genius and a beautiful step into the future. /u/DeSnake is like having Elon Musk on our team, and /u/hugbunter is Snowden.

Kinda like Hoffman was to Pickard back in the Silo days.

/u/kaiji · 1 votes · 6 months ago · Link


/u/doobiedomestic · 1 votes · 6 months ago · Link

I2P is future