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Doxxing results in a ban.


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Someone complained today about this sub having too many stickied topics and he was correct but what to do when there are so many topics that should be stickied? I will be placing links to the ones that were already posted for a while but remain important in this topic

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by /u/Tranquil_Treats Trusted Vendor • 1 month ago* in /d/rcsources


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Vendor List

This is a compilation of publicly available information listed for the convenience of members. The goal is to prevent our readers from sending money to scammers impersonating vendors but not to encourage readers to buy from any particular vendor or anyone at all. No guarantee is made regarding the accuracy of anything on this list. Staff has tried to provide what we believe to be the most favorably reviewed vendors available. We neither accept nor receive any compensation of any type to list vendors here. Staff does not care which vendor if any a member chooses to buy from. It is solely the responsibility of the member to do due diligence to assure that any purchase made is a wise and safe choice.

Vendors may be added based upon member recommendations or deleted due to negative feedback regarding already listed vendors. Vendors who believe that their reputation warrants inclusion on the list are encouraged to provide proof such as verifiable reviews or market listed good rankings. It is the members responsibility to check the legality in their area of any product that they may order from vendors. Laws vary from country to country and state to state and staff is in no position to screen items that members may wish to purchase. It is required that all buyers have the proper lab equipment to safely handle any product purchased. Research chemicals are not FDA approved and not meant for human consumption. This subdread is strictly for members of legal adult age in their resident location. Anyone discovered to be underage will be immediately banned.

United States

/u/Tranquil_Treats -----Etizolam, Clonazolam, 4F-MPH

Many people are trying to impersonate TT in order to scam you.

He is listed on AlphaBay market. There is no confirmed email, wickr, or clearnet contact method or website currently. There is a fake cloned website.

Paracelsus ARS - US domestic -- currently 2methylap237 & O-DSMT powder

& Rilmazofone solutions



UPDATE 1/30/22

RobertArctor (/u/BobArctor)- - 4fmph and etizolam (current status unknown)

Albionalkimiya - no confirmed info currently

Bongo chems - RC pellets -- https://bongochems.com/

/u/SeLAMiNY -- etizolam, flualprazolam, 2FDCK domestic vendor, Will have 4-aco pills and 4-aco powder on markets soon. I already sell these via DD

Versus and World market , also dd >


/u/KetaMed - /d/Ketamed

Shipping USA to North America.

Stocking: Ketamine ,MDMA, Rare Research Chemicals!


Versus -

Archetyp -

Dark0de - closed


update 2/5/22

ABChem -- current US reshipper for Chinese vendor DragonEric. Contact DE for info

/u/IndustryInsiders --domestic vendor of Clonazolam 1.1mg MYLAN A4 and

Flualprazolam 1.3mg G3722 among other products.





Versus update 2/13/22


ProtonMail: cookiestiz@protonmail.com

Menu Web URL: fruitytizz.shop

Domestic US-US RC solutions


Rare Research Canada (RRC)

RC Benzo Solutions (Etizolam, Diclazepam, Flualprazolam, Flubromazolam)

page: https://pastebin.com/raw/2UVbftvE

email: rareresearch@elude.in

and on CanadaHQ Market under the name rareresearch.

*only ships within Canada*

Chem Logix - https://chemlogix.ca/

The Indole Shop - https://theindoleshop.com

Syntharise Chemical - https://syntharise.com

Misc: reports of possibly mislabeled chems @ /post/858039153e0ab7f48478

Dnmcookiesncream on Versus market currently

Flualprazolam/Pyrazolam powder 50/50 mix,

Etizolam now in stock too

100% pure flubromazepam powder and other products


Boomshankar - /u/boomshankar -/d/boomshankar Shippings from UK,USA and MEX according to whats best. - DET, MET, Mescaline-nbome , 4-FA, TMA, TMA2

world market

asap market

tor market

alpha bay

tor market

dark0de market

incognito market




RareChems is a European-based supplier of research chemicals, analytical reference samples and other specialist chemical products. RareChems is a joint venture and collaboration of Scientific Innovation's Dutch team and Lizard Labs

**Potential data leak of customer info>> https://nitter.net/tephracore/status/1432736305683783684?s=09

TheRealRC - https://www.therealrc.com - Shipping from NL

[requires an invite code to establish an account]

A few people have reported receiving fake love letters on orders from this vendor. I have seen one of them myself however there is no proof that they are indeed fake.

Does not ship to USA

Predator - http://predator-rc.nl/ - Netherlands

[website is in Polish language]

Real Chems - https://realchems.com - ships from NL

Smokey's Chem Site - https://www.smokeyschemsite.com - Must use tracked shipping if in US

Skookums - https://skookums.net/


Wide variety of products available

Tracking is available for all orders if purchased requested.

View our Products List here on our PASTEBIN frequently Updated.

PASTEBIN : pastebin.com/qQ4dEF9e



Wikr : topquality1

TELEVEND @TopQuality_bot

Darkode Reborn TopQuality

Whitehouse topquality


EU/UK to Worldwide

ChemTheory - https://chemtheory.com/ - Ships from NL

[avoid alternative site until truth comes to light]


Dragon Eric --email :denewemail@protonmail.com


Contact him for details regarding his US reshipper ABchems

*New update confirmed 1/30/22*


PROTONMAIL: alizalee123@protonmail.com

SIGNAL: +86 181 3153 3046

WICKR: Alizalee


Shipping is from China strictly we carry


You can private message us for questions and products.

RC Best Sell - https://www.rcbestsell.com/

3MMC - http://3mmc.org [website down]

Longflourish RC - https://www.longflourishrc.com/

***Site is open for business currently with reduced stock. Verify the website matches what is listed here because there is at least one cloned site scamming as them***

/u/RCLeon --Open for business.

BU Crystal in USA warehouse

Contact info

Wicker: RCLeon

Email: godchems@gmail.com

updated 3-1-22

James Li --various RCs and other products, /u/sdcchemstock

my new wickr : sdcchemstock email:sdcchemstock@protonmail.com


>>Beware of imposters. Note the spelling of everything here]

website apollosci.com

email me at sales@apollosci.com

other contacts at https://apollosci.com/contact




https://www.mimaki-family-japan.com/ --wide variety of chems


(Be aware that India has scheduled etizolam and most or all vendors there no longer export it- update 1/30/22

Etizola - https://etizola.com/faq/ - Use code "DREAD" for 10% off - Etizolam

ModafinShop - Pharma Etizolam, modafinil and many other products

[All customers are directed to new site here>>




Scammers clone vendor names, their pastebins, and their email accounts. You need to be on guard for any minute change from the original. Never get links or info from chat rooms.

Rapid Research --- Sad story of once excellent vendor who went bad, full on scammer bad. Nice guy otherwise! Website is still up and people are still losing their hard earned money there. Avoid unless you want to make a donation.

/u/EzSolutionsInc - Account likely compromised. Do not even communicate with them. Someone other than EZ is using is former rentry page.

Last edit 3/7/22

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New RC forum - RCG


/u/newbieforever2018 MOD-Adopt a Shelter Dog OP · 1 votes · 2 years ago (Pinned post) · Link

It's really me, And I owe everyone and apology.

by /u/biopoglabs New Vendor • 1 month ago* in /d/rcsources


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Vendor superlist potential additions. Cast a vote for your favorite vendors


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Dutch government proposes a (Blanket) ban on designer drugs. You can help to prevent it passing!

by /u/cyrilio • 2 months ago* in /d/rcsources


/u/newbieforever2018 MOD-Adopt a Shelter Dog OP · 1 votes · 2 years ago (Pinned post) · Link

Scam Watch

by /u/chemtrail junkie mod • 10 months ago* in /d/rcsources

This sticky will link to recent scams in the RC scene. Feel free to message mods if you think another vendor should be added.


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How to Utilize 2FA on Dread: A Guide For Futter Ucking Cetarded Runts.

by /u/newbieforever2018 MOD-Adopt a Shelter Dog • 1 year ago in /d/rcsources


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Quick Vendor Rule Rundown

by /u/publicservice • 2 years ago* in /d/rcsources

1. Vendors must have proof of stock (can be submitted privately to mod)

2. Vendor must use PGP or have a website

3. Vendor must have 5 reviews

4. Vendor migrating from Reddit who meet this criteria will be give permission on a case by case basis.

5. Vendor not meeting these requirements will be banned.

6. Mods will only take samples after paying for shipping and a small amount for product. We meed to have fun to.


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by /u/kilo Trial vendor • 1 week ago* in /d/rcsources


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Darkode market has officially exit scammed


/u/newbieforever2018 MOD-Adopt a Shelter Dog OP · 1 votes · 4 weeks ago · Link

I have an idea - The apothecary of Babel- A la Gwern style