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What about kittens?

T2D ToorTODoor Just went Private

by /u/LeperMessiah · 3 votes · 11 months ago


This community is invite-only.

/d/Tor2DoorMarket requires a Moderator to invite you to their subdread.

Should I be worried?

I just deposited 80$ but the market still is up.

Comments (5)
/u/cr1smc · 1 votes · 11 months ago · Link

Scared aswell just ordered from a guy and i can't check a post someone just made about him on tor2door xD, so this is surely very weird. Like i'm sure it wasn't private yesterday or a few hours ago, anyone knows when the change has been actually made?

/u/cr1smc · 1 votes · 11 months ago · Link

Is back, nevermind lol

/u/Pygmalion · 1 votes · 11 months ago · Link

Subs usually go invite only to spam random users with invites to inflate the sub count.

/u/SafestShipping · 1 votes · 11 months ago · Link

I have seen this in a movie before. I would be very worried. Last two times recently this scenario happened people lost lots of money and confidence in the darknet markets.

With crypto fluctuations the way they are these days. There is little to no room for shenanigans like these. If I were you I would cut the stress and losses and find a more reputable market with transparency and features that don't promote gray hairs, obesity, and possible dementia.

/u/Baekdu-daegan_Seed_Vault · 1 votes · 11 months ago · Link

Can you access the market? If you can, I would just go ahead and withdraw them funds. This seems to be playing out like an exit.