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Thoughts on Using Virtual Address as Drop for Deliverys

by /u/BubbyBlogas · 1 votes · 1 week ago

Since there was a recent popular vendor compromised I've been thinking about opsec and whether or not non bulk buys (7-10gs or Less) will be looked into further by LE and if so how much. Since there's no way to REALLY know I figured better safe then srry and will assume I need a new place for Deliverys. Personally, Contrary to advice in the DNM bible finding a vacant house doesn't seem like a realistic option if hauling a lawn mower over there and doing landscaping while Also sending random mail to said house and doing a B&E to leave the mail on the counter while waving at a neighbor in sunglasses and a hoody a few times a week all while hoping the real owners don't check on their house and notice that the landscaping mail fairy has been visiting them just didn't seem like a very good option.

So after some research and throwing out PO boxes and "general delivery" to the post office it seems that other then a ups mailbox (which to me seems the same as a PO box) that a virtual address is the way to go. Your name isn't affiliated with any address except the virtual one and the shippers address isn't linked to you either. You can either pick up your mail yourself or have the virtual address company deliver it to you. The only downside is that it cost $10 a month to use this service and then cost like $1 for every package you want to pick up which to me seems like a great deal in order to have things shipped to me and not having to worry if I'll be compromised if a package is seized or anything. I'm still reading into a virtual address so I could be over looking things which I'm assuming I must be since iv never seen this option talked about when it comes to deliverys. It seems a whole lot better then shipping straight to my home address though like Is suggested so I dunno if it's the $10 a month that keep ppl from this option but I'd gladly spend that each month for an anonymous address. Tbh I dunno why anyone wouldn't... What are your thoughts on this?

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/u/ThrowAwayACC987 · 1 votes · 1 week ago · Link

I think the issue is, depending on how you do it, it ends up being the same issue. If you have them reship it to you it's still narcotics going through the mail to your house. And if your address is burned then it's just an extra step for no reason. If you're picking it up from there it's also basically the same issue, but can be more secure by using a fake name/license or whatever they need for verification, but picking up directly from the location would be a lot more secure I assume. At least until they get a love letter or something. But then again they probably just pass that on to you too

Sorry I wish I could be more help dude but I'm in the same boat. I've got a few ideas I think are solid but don't know for sure and don't really wanna talk about them if they are. Either way good luck my friend

/u/BubbyBlogas OP · 1 votes · 1 week ago · Link

Actually I think I figured it out. while searching for virtual addresses I found a place that will actually receive packages for you and they have a pay as you go feature for a few per package and they don't ask for anything except your name and then you just pay the few dollars so it's not connected to your address. when you've been compromised it's really your address that's flagged if I'm not mistaken not your name since many ppl have the same name it wouldn't be plausibleb for them to flag and check all mail with your name. And these bounce locations are at random stores that bounce has partnered with. There are a few bounce locations in my town but only 1 that receives packages. I'm gonna give it a try. A new address For a few dollars is worth a shot if you ask me! And there are other similar virtual address places that don't require your address to use the service. Think about like ppl who live in there RV or just travel around with no home base address. They need somewhere to receive packages too and that's what these Virtual address places are made for. It sounds pretty solid tbh so we'll see how it goes. I dunno if I should reveal the name of the service a not to shine a light on it but if you search package receiving service with no home address you should find the types of places I'm talking about.

/u/pacmarket · 1 votes · 4 days ago · Link

Better idea for you. Go to the bar. Hook up with a BBW. Use her address as a drop.