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TripAdvisor Status Update 11/28/2022: MDMA and Ketamine listings are back online. 430+ Orders. 100% Positive Feedback. Ket as low as $20/g with escrow

by /u/TripAdvisorDNM · 3 votes · 2 months ago


Hundreds of happy customers

100% Positive Feedback

Lowest prices for the best products


3 Day Delivery


We are back from vacation and MDMA and Ketamine listings are live. We have also added larger Ketamine listings for 112g at 22 per gram and 250g at 20 per gram.

We continue to offer the best quality of products at the best pricing and only with escrow! We do not do direct deals, we do not ask for FE ever. Keep your money safe when you order with us and never FE again!

We are only on Alphabay! Find us under the name 'TripAdvisorDNM'



1g 35USD

3.5g 110USD

7g 198USD

14g 356USD

28g 640USD

56g 1152USD

112g 2074USD

250g 4396USD

500g 8334USD*

1KG 15000USD*

**PM us for 500-1kg availability as low as $15/g


1g 38 USD

3.5g 122 USD

7g 224 USD

14g 406 USD

28g 728 USD

56g 1344 USD

112g 2464 USD

250g 5000 USD

3 Day Priority Delivery is $12