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/u/eyelovelucy MDMA review

by /u/kennyftb2 Reviewer · 2 votes · 5 days ago

Review: /u/eyelovelucy

Type of order: PURCHASE

Order: 4g MDMA

Marketplace: /r/asap

FE Required: NO

Total Price $195 with 3-5 day shipping

Domestic: YES US2US

Rating: 5/5 highly recommend. Bags are always overweight. Haven't gotten a short bag yet. Always .15 or more over

Service: 5/5

Shipping: 5/5 4 days tor2door with holiday weekends

Stealth: 5/5 love this stealth. Order to find out

Communication: 5/5

Product Information

Quantity: 5/5

Potency: 5/5

Price Value: 5/5 best uS2Us prices ive seen

Aesthetic/Quality: 5/5 crystals with a purple tint



Test pic: https://postimg.cc/4YQjB2nm