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Use this template for good formatting | template links available

by /u/cyrilio real OG · 8 votes · 3 years ago

If you're looking for a good looking review template that likes like this then use this:


template txt download:

Review - input vendor name
Type of order - Sample or Purchase - input if product was sample or purchase. If purchased, INCLUDE PRICE FOR PRODUCTS
Order - input what you received/ordered here
Countries - input shipped countdy here:
- - Rating
Service 5/5 Rate the vendor 1-5 out of 5
Shipping 5/5 Rate the vendor 1-5 out of 5
Stealth 3/5 Rate the vendor 1-5 out of 5 Please do not describe the packaging or stealth into great detail
Communication 5/5 Rate the vendor 1-5 out of 5
- - Product info
Quantity - input weight and/or amount of product received here or just received what was requested, use discretion
Price Value 5/5 Rate the product 1-5 out of 5. Again, if you purchased, INCLUDE THE PRICE OF THE PRODUCTS!
Aesthetic 4/5 Rate the product 1-5 out of 5
Reagent - input here the reagent test reactions (if applicable)
Pictures - input here any pictures of the product if available
Score: XX out of 30


Comments: input here any additional notes on the vendor, product, etc.

Comments (5)
/u/newbieforever2018 MOD-Adopt a Shelter Dog · 4 votes · 3 years ago · Link

Thanks so much for this!

/u/Dark_Valley · 2 votes · 2 years ago · Link

Thanks for this.Though i prefer standard formats.

/u/simple · 1 votes · 2 years ago · Link

These shitty review templates say nothing at all and make it easy for companies that do buzz marketing and for scammers.

What am I supposed to learn if someone rates price value 4/5? What is wrong with you?

By the way, I have the perfect review template for just any RC forum, just copy paste it, no one will notice:

Bicycle skills: 5/5 (not needed)

/u/subway Trial Vendor · 3 votes · 2 years ago · Link

I agree that most templates contain info not really needed, but it does make a review look nice. But price/value is useless, the reader can use the info in the review to decide for themselves if the price is right.

The reviewer can edit out that part and put something else. Like purity opinion, or something else about quality. Most of the template is about the order process; service, shipping, stealth, quantity. There is not much on quality except maybe Reagent and your final thought.

/u/cyrilio real OG OP · 2 votes · 2 years ago · Link

Good points, but I think its also very helpful to have a standard format. Makes comparing reviews much easier. If there wasn't a template it would still be just as easy to copy a review from somewhere else.

I'm just trying to help format the relevant information better. Thats all.