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[Vendor Review] - onceamonth

by /u/N1TR0 Reviewer · 2 votes · 1 week ago

I've bought from him on multiple Markets before, mostly on World (4-MMC & MDMA most of the Times).

So I've ordered 1G of his MDMA Crystals again.

Service & Shipping 5/5: Service was good, was sent fast & received in 3DD to Germany from Germany.

Stealth 4/5: Average for German Domestic Orders, a 3/5 for other Countries.

Quality 5/5: May not Look the best, but these are some Strong Crystals

Price 5/5: For 1G (Cost me 12€ on Bohemia), i find it to be a very good Price.

The overall Experience was positive with this Vendor, his 4-MMC is better than the average Quality on the Markets at the moment & the Prices are good, he's also Shipping from both UK & Germany. Out of all the Orders 1 didn't arrive & got a Reship and good Communication. I highly recommend this Vendor if you want some good & affordable Drone and M (he also has other Stuff). Will Order again.


EDIT: https://ibb.co/jLKtvtS, crushed the Crystals into Powder.