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We need to start upvoting/downvoting to encouge good content and get rid of the crap. (Pinned post)

by /u/Stellawhite · 40 votes · 4 months ago

We all need to be doing everything we can to make this place better. We need to start upvoting the good stuff and downvoting the bullshit posted by new accounts. Voting only takes a few seconds, if we all start doing this it will make dread so much better.

Comments (18)
/u/newbieforever2018 boofs fists · 4 votes · 4 months ago · Link

Excellent point and when someone takes the time and effort to post a proper review of their order please upvote them, regardless of whether it was good or bad for the vendor, just honest ones of course.

/u/Solar M · 2 votes · 4 months ago · Link

as well as reporting site wide rules violations

/u/Xansexual_Maniac · 2 votes · 4 months ago · Link


/u/AlphaZero · 2 votes · 4 months ago · Link


Can't tell if users are too fucked up to navigate the up and down arrows, or they just don't give a shit about their GOOD daily content being peppered with hairy nutsack all the time

/u/AldoRaine · 2 votes · 4 months ago · Link

I don't think the upvote system represents 'good content'. For example; if I spend a week writing a 3,000 word post on a topic that everyone on the subdread talks about, I may get a few upvotes. When someone on Cafedread spends 30 seconds to write a sentence about 'Penis Market', it get's three times as many upvotes.

What it shows is that everyone has a different perception about what is good content. You may come here to unwind and appreciate dick jokes, while people who follow my posts are more interested in the cannabis culture and lifestyle.

We also live in the era of social media, where 'intermittent positive reinforcement' is integrated into our lives. Peoples reward system is wired to get approval of their content, which is a huge problem. In reality, most people are not interested in your content, it doesn't mean your content is not good it just means the people you choose to show it to are not interested, but you will start to feel bad when you don't get the upvotes, which will influence the type of content you create. Unfortunately, younger people can't pay attention long enough to read anything intellectually challenging. Learning is like a muscle that needs to be conditioned; if you can't read or process long form content, you're not going to learn anything complex or meaningful.

While the upvote system is interesting, it's not the indicator of good content. You are the only person who can determine if the content you like is good or not. People should not be concerned too much with upvotes, more about getting to the source of truth and whether you think the ideas behind the content you read is thoughtful or not, independent of what others think. In other words, think for yourself.

/u/Hungry_Eyes · 1 votes · 4 months ago · Link

Hey Stellawhite,

I agree. Our duty as DN citizens is to do our part to make Dread a better place overall. This duty includes doing what we can to upvote/downvote, as well as what /u/Solar said about reporting sub and site wide rule violations. Keeping the site clean is our resonsibility.

Sadly, so few of us have a sense of community regarding this site. Many people here are dishonorable in their behaviors, and don't care what they do. Most are probably ignorant of the site rules we are supposed to follow, and some rebel at the idea we should have rules at all. The overall psychology of the average DN citizen plays against those of us who enjoy a clean, worthwhile site, imo. Still, we fight the good fight, clean up what we can, and report those who want to make this a horrid place. +1 for you!

/u/Bohemian_phisher · 0 votes · 4 months ago · Link

No such thing as a DN citizen, If you want good and clean take your shit to amazon. And here we go again with the dread brown nosing. its almost like a calling card. WHAT A TOOL 3=======) 0-o0o0o0o0o0o (_(_)

/u/Hungry_Eyes · 2 votes · 4 months ago · Link

Speaking of those who want this to be a horrid place.

As if I would value the opinion of someone who takes pride in fooling, and then stealing from, ignorant people.

/u/Bohemian_phisher · 1 votes · 4 months ago · Link

Hey it's apart of the game. And a valid way to make money. Just accept it and just know nothing you can do will stop. BE ONE WITH THE PHISHING i say

/u/Hungry_Eyes · 2 votes · 4 months ago · Link

Life is not a game. What you are doing shows a typical asocial, if not psychopathc, regard for other people. All you'll get from your activities is more anger and frustration, and a loss of self-will over time to stop being a thief. Even drugs won't help after a while. I know, I've had your mind-set at one point in my life, and I'd rather die than return to such a living Hell of insufficiency. Best of luck to you, you'll need some in the long run.

/u/patron_saint_of_phishers · 1 votes · 4 months ago · Link

All you'll get from your activities is more anger and frustration, and a loss of self-will over time to stop being a thief

got a premium account out of it.. wrong again !!!!

/u/Hungry_Eyes · 2 votes · 4 months ago · Link

You think things are a sign of success. Another failure of your world view. Again, I feel sadness for you, and hope you get well while you still have some chance to repair the damage you have done, and will probably continue to do.

/u/patron_saint_of_phishers · 1 votes · 4 months ago · Link

*yawns* they been saying that for years. yet I remain.

/u/patron_saint_of_phishers · 1 votes · 4 months ago · Link

feeling sadness for me? seems kinda gay bro.

/u/Xansexual_Maniac · 1 votes · 4 months ago · Link

I try it feels like I'm the only one. Maybe I'm just highly opinionated lol

/u/newbieforever2018 boofs fists · 1 votes · 4 months ago · Link

You are highly opinionated. Downvoted. J/K

/u/capitcha · 1 votes · 3 months ago · Link

honestly the voting system created a hivemind called Reddit, which is what this website is trying to avoid being like.

/u/BiffMcDread · 1 votes · 3 months ago · Link

many years ago i had the idea of an voting system based on crypto. instead of pushing an up or down button you'd send a small amount of crypto, maybe worth less than a cent. a forum like dread could either use an existing or a proprietary coin that's exchangable.

the voting system is a fixed smart contract, in that way that the up vote (there are no down votes) is always 1 "dread" coin. the amount of coins is flexible just like stable coins.

dread could issue a dread coin for each stable coin (ie USDT) and a vote costs 0.002 dread (equals 0.002 USDT) and if you have dollar exchanged for a dread coin you can give out 500 votes.

people that produce good content receive votes that are valuable to them. it's a real money equivalent, whereas bad content doesn't receive anything of value. bot would become costly and to encourage voting dread could also a fraction of dread coins hold. so a fraction of the 1 usd(stable) exchanged to dread coins would be taken from the dread account after 1 year not spent.

for this thread it would mean that as of writing this post stellawhite would have received 38 dreads (~0.078 USstable), newbieforever2018 got 3, solar got 2, Xansexual_Maniac got 1 and so forth.

since it's exchangable into other crypto it may be worth more or less.

a smart contract could also add some flexibility. instead of having fixed costs of votes there could be a relative cost depending on the total votes given in a month or so updated on the first of the new month.

for most people (that create good content) there would be basically no cost, since they would receive as much as they spent on average.