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🟥 Welcome to Test4Pay 🟥

by /u/TestAuthenticator · 4 votes · 3 months ago

/d/Test4PayUK is a harm reduction initiative for the United Kingdom Darknet community where our team will be paying users for the test results of vendors products.


With this program being such a great success in Australia ( /d/Test4Pay ) we want to bring this to the UK as we can see such a strong community here at /d/DNMUK and believe you have what it takes to make your darknet community a safer space.

We will be rewarding as below:

- $60 GBP for samples sent to Energy Control (EC)

- $40 GBP for samples sent to GetYourDrugsTested (GYDT)

- $17 GBP for reagent tests Reagent Test Guide

(Single reagent $6, 2-3 reagents $12, 4+ reagents $17)

- $10 GBP for Fentanyl Test (Opioid, Benzodiazepines products only) Buy Fentanyl Test Strips


How will I get paid?

Submit and claim reward

How do I get a sample tested?

Testing Guide

How can I be involved as a vendor?

Information for vendors

How can I be involved as a customer?

Information for customers

Let's see the results!!


Comments (4)
/u/newbieforever2018 Mod · 3 votes · 3 months ago · Link

Welcome aboard. Can't have too many tests of vendor products.

/u/TestAuthenticator OP · 1 votes · 3 months ago · Link

Thanks newbie 😊 we couldn't agree more.

/u/Grealish · 1 votes · 3 months ago · Link


This is a great initiative from your team. I took some time to visit the Australian site you have been running and it has appeared to make some great moves in calling out vendors that do the wrong thing with their products.

I just have a few questions for my own peace of mind, so excuse the cynicism :)

The scratch offered here is quite generous, how are you funded?

The team you put together initially appear to be all quite new accounts on dread and it would lend itself to you being another group or consortium of some sort that has this up and running. What are your backgrounds? are any of you vendors, market operators, LE, or anything else we should be wary of.

It also appears that most of the tests on the Australian sub are not done by the wider community, but by a centralised user /u/TestAuthenticator. Does this not lend itself to there being a potential for misuse. What is to say this isn't put together by vendors to denounce their competition? Having one user doing more than 50% of the tests could have them easily become a target for bribes or to falsify tests with swapped products.

Being that you are moving this to the UK, it would give you the opportunity to grow a service mostly being operated by yourselves, as opposed to the community testers, where you can leverage this to seek control over vendors.

I have also not seen a lot of verification of the payments made to consumers for their testing. Any chance to make this more transparent or at the very least verified by the users themselves?

As i said, great initiative and something we'd love here in the Uk, but i am really of the opinion that there needs to be critical analysis of these types of projects so that they don't turn in to an unquestioned source of truth.


/u/TestAuthenticator OP · 1 votes · 3 months ago · Link

Hey man, question is totally valid and the response we first got when strating this program in Australia.

Q1. We are definitely not affiliated with LE in any way, we only pay our participants in Monero (XMR) and they send us nothing but test information which is not incriminating. We have been around in the community for a long time but not so much involved with Dread.

Funding is from being in the cryptocurrency scene at an early stage and having quite a nice appreciation in assets, motivation is just our passion for harm reduction and helping change the culture here to be a little more transparent.

Q2. Yes /u/TestAuthenticator (myself) has put a fair amount of submission themself but this is mostly to help get this program rolling and will eventually subside once the community uptake grows. Your exactly right we want 90% + of the submissions to be from the wider community for the exact reasons you've provided.

Q3. We'd actually expect the community involvement to be higher abroad in the UK as /u/TestAuthenticator is based in AUS and won't have the ability to purchase the samples themselves.

Q4. As far as payments being made we don't publicise it for the user's privacy but we encourage you to message (politely don't spam them) any of the submissions done by the community and I can guarantee they'll all confirm they've been paid.

If we weren't paying our users (as we promote we do) you'd be seeing a lot of complaints throughout Dread about it I'd say.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask again, I'd you'd like me to expand on a question you've already asked I'm happy to do that also 😊