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Welcome To The WizardofOZs Shop | Indoor Flower | DragonsWax Shatter | Deluxe Edibles

by /u/WizardofOZs Established Vendor · 1 votes · 1 week ago

The Menu

Indoor Cultivated Medical Grade Cannabis
Skywalker OG

Skywalker OG is a notoriously challenging strain to cultivate as it tends to self-pollinate. Sure enough this Skywalker OG did not fail to live up that reputation and it is lightly seeded.

Skywalker OG is an Indica heavy weight potent enough to warp your sense of space time. This strain is ideal for folks that enjoy a very pronounced couch-locky stone, enhanced emotional insights and sensations and a touch of psychedelic activity.



Critical Kush

Critical Kush is top shelf cannabis cultivated indoors, delicately manicured, and freshly harvested. Connoisseurs will appreciate its medical grade potency, exquisite calayx formations, stickiness, frost and flavor.

These beautiful nugs are cultivated indoors with top of the line nutrients and state of the art lighting. My plants are protected by air filtration systems their entire life cycle that means no bugs have ever touched your buds and neither have any pesticides. You ain't getting that out of a greenhouse.

Wholesale to the public at non-wholesale amounts - why drive to a dispensary when you can have the loudest flower on the market in your mailbox faster than an Amazon prime order?

Curious what people have said about our cannabis?

I have no doubt that he is a real wizard :D 🪄 should know that he provides an excellent experience in whole process, Very good, cured, medical grade potency, and quite tasty


source of verified review: /post/fd136ff399ca2a5f364c

Value 10/10 Great Quality and full nugs no shake and trimmed neatly]


source of verified review: /post/e05aef35ea795a0566b7

See what the buzz is about!

Tor Pics:



Deluxe Edible: Chocolate Chip Brownie (700mg)

Fresh baked in small batches and vacuum sealed as soon as they are cool enough to cut these decadent chocolate chip brownies pack a punch with a minimum of 700mg of THC per brownie.

Delicious and potent! Enjoy one delectable brownie and than wait at least one hour before consuming more. The effect is energizing, uplifting and long lasting.

Fresh ingredients, made with care, and packaged to keep your treat in one piece, you are moments away from a scrumptious edible adventure.

Tor pics


DragonsWaX Shatter

This amber, flaky, shatter is the result of an ultra pure butane wash through a mix of sugar leaves and small nugs from our Lemon Bubble, Chemdawg, and Mont Blanc strains. The result is a golden, shiny, sheet of pure cannabis rocket fuel that will energize the mind and body and stimulate the senses. Be warned, even heavy smokers ~will~ feel like they are to high after a dab of this concentrated THC derived from such potent strains.

Packaged in colorful silicone tubs for easy access, expect a hard little diamond of pure fire that is sure to elevate your next smoke session. Each half gram should suffice for ~3 smoke sessions for heavy users, and more for less experienced users - a dab will do you start with a match heads worth and go from there.

Tor Pics



Artisinal Hand Rolled Joints of 24 Karat Gold (pure flower)(40% Sativa) (domestic)

Densely packed flower pre-rolls of fruity sativa goodness. Time is money - let us do the rolling for you. These thickly packed pre-rolls are ready to fire up on arrival. The taste, aroma, and power of the cup winner 24 Karat Gold is pre-packaged for your convenience and enjoyment. All flower - no trim. Available now at 4.99/joint.

Tor Pics


International Shipping

For international orders we employ a customs hardened stealth method that keeps the product invisible, safe from being crushed, and 100% odor-tight. The decoy(s) arrive in a profesionally packaged box that includes a false invoice. We will work with you and customize your package according to your locales unique needs to ensure a smooth delivery.

Refund Policy

International refunds: Handled on a case by case basis. An order to a first world country between 14g-112g is generally eligible for a 50% refund (minus the cost of shipping) in the event that a package is marked seized. If the package is headed for a developing or a high risk country it may be ineligible for a refund or a reship I will message you before the order is accepted if that is the case.

You will be messaged your orders tracking number as soon as the package departs my country so that you can monitor its progress.

Domestic refunds: If a package is marked seized you are eligible for a 100% refund or re-ship.

Where to Find Us

You can contact me directly at

or order from any of our storefronts below:

Incognito: /vendor/WizardofOZs 

ASAP: /profile/view/c08c3ada-9377-4f12-a6c5-6012e7d3b6ee 

Bohemia: /profile?id=WizardofOZs&action=products 

Cannabia:  /profile?id=WizardofOZs&action=products 

Abacus: /store/d9f66c249805799a90f8c57b

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