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What a day.

by /u/Project2501 · 2 votes · 2 weeks ago

Oh what an eventful day today. When you slip for a second the dominos unfold.

Soo, thankfuly im smart enough to depot my small stash at house A (still felony amount) then decide to drive to someones house to fix a tire. Cops are up the ass of my city right now Sate Troopers, local, they have drones doing some sort of survalliance(but this getting off topic lets get back to this later) so the time I'm not wearing my seatbelt (of course), the no tints on my windows you see it clear as day, I get pulled over. FUCK. had a small amount of weed and one hitter so they smelled it had to search the vehcile(Left the weed and pipe*fucking homies*) But they saw some packages i had in my backpck one that I was about to throw out from vendor but empty didn't smell or anything; and had no evidence of it being a "bad" package but the other package had Fent Test Strips, they seached me physically now and i didnt have anything, I was being respectful to the cops, but they then asked about the Fent strips, me knowing my laws, told them they were to hand out to friends who do drugs to save their life. And I told them from my knowledge they arent illegal *which theyre not* and they liked that and we got talking about drug testers and they showed me one of their high tech drug tester shit cost $25,000. LMAO any ways I offered to give them one of the strips to know it is what i say it is but they said no. Although he asked to take a pic of the Fent Test Strip lable, so maybe he wants to look into it. But should i be scared or am I fine?

Comments (2)
/u/cryptoking999 · 1 votes · 2 weeks ago · Link

Your good def a close call tho, next time click it or ticket ;) using some social engineering put you in the right direction though!

/u/culper · 1 votes · 2 weeks ago · Link

You did good for what happened. I lead a pretty clean life but have learned the hard way to do everything I can and not draw attention to myself. I think in my 20's I was profiled based on how I looked and the vehicles I used. I learned to never give them anything to stop you. I always made sure to wear seat belts. Something overlooked by a lot of people but gets the attention of LE is lights being out. Check you brake, tail, headlights often. A forgotten about light the license plate lights. Most modern cars have 2 lights. All LE needs is just one light to be out to do a stop. Basically you want to be able to drive on by and not have them give you anther glance.

You did a good job on smooth talking to them about the test strips. Always have a reason for what you have and how it works can sometimes take the wind out of a cops ego. When people try to lie on the spot or act like Oh shit, that just gives the cops more incentive to probe harder. Also knowing the laws is a big step too. Remember cops can and do lie to people to get a response.