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What does keysigning policies mean?

by /u/RandomKid 🍼 · 1 votes · 6 days ago

I was adding someone's public key and in the output of gpg was something referring to a link to their website in which something along the lines

signature levels

0: no indication;

1: personal belief but no verification, useful for signing pseudonymous IDs;

2: casual verification;

3: extensive verification.

What is that? It's the first time I hear about such a thing.

Comments (3)
/u/HeadJanitor Moderator · 2 votes · 6 days ago · Link

What you have there is the Certification level and this has to do with Trust Signatures which entail the degree to which you trust someone:

Trust Levels





Ultimate (Only use with your own keys!)

This is what it means to assign a “certification level” to a signature.

/u/RandomKid 📢 🍼 OP · 1 votes · 5 days ago · Link

Thanks! That was really helpful.

/u/HeadJanitor Moderator · 2 votes · 5 days ago · Link

Anytime. Thank you.