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What exchange should I use to buy monero?

by /u/Hodder · 1 votes · 4 weeks ago

There's quite a lot on the dnn bible and im unsure which one to trust nor understand the process to monero safely to not damage my opsec. Futhermore upon buying monero where should I go from there. Transfer it to a different wallet? Process, at least to me, seemed unclear in the dnnb so just asking here for help.


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/u/dontlaugh Darknet Shaman · 1 votes · 4 weeks ago · Link

hey mate - has a pretty good grading of clearnet options to convert other crypto to monero.

personally i wouldn't want a kyc exchange being aware that i am buying xmr just for potential worst case scenarios. buy a low transaction fee crypto like litecoin or something:

LTC from exchange --> your off exchange private wallet --> use converter to swap to xmr( --> send to your xmr wallet ---> DarkNet Market



can maybe elaborate on options.

/u/DudenextTome · 1 votes · 3 weeks ago · Link

I'm just learning... what is "your off exchange private wallet"? I've read a bunch of wallet stuff this morning and trying to understand what I need. Thanks.

/u/simplejohnny · 1 votes · 4 weeks ago · Link


/u/creature · 1 votes · 4 weeks ago · Link

use localmonero and buy with cash in mail. should be most private. many reputable and long serving vendors in there. takes a bit extra time but for privacy it is the way to go

/u/DudenextTome · 1 votes · 3 weeks ago · Link

Handing over cash makes me queasy.

/u/fatzor · 1 votes · 3 weeks ago · Link

is there any kind of protection against scammers?

or is reviews the only reassurance?