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What not to do on /d/DNMSourcing (Pinned post)

by /u/dontlaugh it's not funny · 6 votes · 6 months ago

if you are posting looking for a source there's a few things to consider as red flag responses - especially if you appear new to dread:

- comments asking for PM's or giving direct contacts like Wikr, Telegram or e-mail. DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE AND REPORT THEM.

- PM's from people that push for deals on dread or via direct contacts - hallmarks of scammers and against the sub rules exactly for this reason. report them!

- links to either vendor store/marketonions or clearnet sites. chances are they are scammers or Phishers. please report them!

generally speaking unless someone directs you to a vendor on a market - they're breaking the sub rules and are probably a scammer of some sort.

when you get a vendor recommendation - do a dread search on them and use recon for some other opinions. you'll generally get a vibe around whether they are just being shilled/FUDed and be able to come to your own conclusion.

stay safe - DL

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