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White collar crime (Government version)

by /u/blackhub · 4 votes · 1 week ago

/u/HugBunter help me out on this

What does the government know and what do we know are the ways they use to tract and seize white collar crimes

From what I know in an example of a carder or a bank fraudster(does bank logs, loans,reversals, POS, among other basic bank scams) the folowing the feds do

In a case you ripped some government officials account or just someone who will trigger an investigation they'll start by tracing where you logged in to access the account.

They'll try and get all info they can from the bank website about your device (That depends on what data the bank collects when you agree to there terms of service)

If they never got anything that can get you busted they'll proceed to where you send the money, lets say a cashapp, or a drop ..they'll get all details on the owner of account the IP that was logged into and the device information.

If they get not enough they'll proceed to how you spend the money. Lets say you used binance or cashapp to buy crypto, they'll get all your info from binance and all info binance app gets from you when you agree to there terms and service. At this level you might get buste easily if you made a mistake coz most people focus on opsec when getting money out of the log and out of drop but forget about crypto exchanges.

If you were good with that and you took all opsec precautions and from binance they can't get anything about you they'll proceed to google.

They get to google via email or definitely via phone mac address in a case you never used google's email.Lets say you bought phone with cash nothing can be traced to you and the phone has no info that can be traced to you and also they can't get anything from the sim card company If you used a sim card at any level of the process and cops get no data on you upto this level

The next step is where you send the crypto you bought on the exchange. If you send to your person or a account that can be traced to you or on a phone that can be traced to you, you'll get busted at this level. Lets say you were smart and you send the crypto to a anonymous wallet address and you mixed the crypto and then send it to a hardware wallet that you own in xmr according to what I know you will get away with the cash.

In a case you were not working alone and one of your guys got busted they can get to his communication channel and track down who they communicated to. if you never used a safe channel or you said a information that can be linked to you then you're also busted.

Remember this is a case scenario you took large sums of money or you fucked with the wrong persons accounts. From what I know on small level cases the victim will call bank and bank will refund and wait for insurance to repay them.

As I said this is what I know. not sure how upto date this is so if you know anything drop a comment below ,lets at least be 99.99% safe

Also if you're a fed and you reading this drop also a comment on what you guys do at least make it a bit "fare" game.

Comments (5)
/u/footsteps · 2 votes · 1 week ago · Link

Financial-related crime tends to involve solving two core problems:

1. how to get the money

2. how to spend the money

both can lead to your downfall... it is often a waste of time trying to conceal what you're doing, as the more you try to conceal it, the more it looks like you're up to something. the best shoplifters I ever saw would just walk into shops and act like they were supposed to take the clothes, rather than waste time trying to conceal them under a coat. much financial crime is in plain sight by politicians and officials in banks and central banks.

/u/blackhub OP · 1 votes · 1 week ago · Link

totally agree with that

/u/moneywlf · 1 votes · 1 week ago · Link

What kind of insight is this comment supposed to bring to the post? respectfully. I understood and agree with basically everything but did not understand how can this translate to the fraud world (in a smaller scale at least) or best what kind of solution are we supposed to draw out of the statement you made /u/footsteps?

/u/footsteps · 1 votes · 1 week ago · Link

the implicit message in the long rambling unstructured OP is that you should go to great technical to try and conceal what you're doing, and I'm saying that it's usually not worth the effort. Effective fraud is done in the grey areas with confidence, and even a smile, and the protection from capture comes from the environment, analogue holes, and network around you.

/u/siscoRamon · 1 votes · 1 week ago · Link

Always when doing any white collar crime make sure you have read at least twice the terms and conditions of any app or website you're using