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Why ALL DNM Forums Matter!!!! (Pinned post)

by /u/We_Are_9000 Nefarious Panty Scammer!!!!! · 23 votes · 1 week ago

/u/newbieforever2018 I give you the credit for this post :-)

What makes all of us stronger & safer in the DNM universe? I say strength in numbers, that includes strong, well run markets & DNM forums such as Dread, Envoy, Archetyp, AlphaBay & TMG. I only include these as we have the biggest reach when it comes to the masses.

We all know Dread is Jupiter & the rest of us are its moons, but as with any moon, we all serve a very important role in this galaxy.

I guess what I am trying to say is this, it is OUR duty to not only build up just one forum, but our friends who run their own as well. United we stand, divided we will fall. A stronger DNM forum platform means a stronger all of you! We are not each others enemy, we all share one common enemy & that is Law Enforcement!

Here is what we need to do, now that Dread is back online we need to carry this message to buyers & vendors alike to make profiles on all the sites I have mentioned here. This is a very weird & difficult time in market history & if we do not unite we will cease to exist at some point!

I challenge everyone who reads this post to do their part to make us all stronger! Dread mod's who are reading this carry this message to your sub's & post it, feel free to change the title to whatever. "Why All DNM Forums Are Important" You don't even have to give me credit as the source, its the message here that is important, not the messenger!

Links To Our Friends.....

Envoy / http://envoy2vxtsbz63bik33yb6vka2ed4x5leeisfg2isd2gz2eg4skwmbyd.onion/

The Majestic Garden / http://tmglsd2i7wmkjg2fmc6jhd77yu4ogsjqupsc4jw22ebbfnnwc7swmuqd.onion/

Archetyp & AB's forums are attached to their markets.

Everyone Stay Blessed & Safe :-)

Rorschach_9000 :-)

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/u/donkeysquadreborn · 2 votes · 1 week ago · Link


/u/donkeysquadreborn · 1 votes · 1 week ago · Link

ayo that was finna deeper than TTTZs gaping asshole fr no cap bussin

/d/envoy niggas on d grind

/u/We_Are_9000 Nefarious Panty Scammer!!!!! OP · 1 votes · 1 week ago · Link

I freaking love you!!!! You are beyond unique!!!!

/u/Heliumadmin · 1 votes · 6 days ago · Link

United we stand, divided we will fall cheers

/u/KetaMed · 1 votes · 6 days ago · Link


/u/newbieforever2018 boofs fists · 1 votes · 6 days ago · Link

Thank you so much for giving me credit but mooning me while doing so was kind of weird.

Yay, Dread is back online. May every DDOS'er forever smell the stinkiest panty from /u/We_Are_9000 's collection.

/u/mr_asur · 1 votes · 6 days ago · Link

Getting on multiple forums is a good option but most of the bignamers play dirty behind the scenes , They mask their real intentions in front of us , You all will be surprised on hearing the cultprits behind the DDOS attacks , but it is true , We don't have ethics nor I do , but all I care about is User's safety , none of the users should be affected in our competition , markets should stop DDOSING each others and forums for their own gains , Best we can do is , boycott a marketplace who are found to be practicing this dreadful act .

Why only marketplaces ? let the truth be prevailed . Even forum administrators have dirt on them.

/u/akkarin · 1 votes · 6 days ago · Link

seen on other forums and 100% agree.

/u/hydronerd `-${buy?"my oxys":"😭"}-` · 1 votes · 6 days ago · Link


/u/Baekdu-daegan_Seed_Vault · 1 votes · 6 days ago · Link

The Majestic Garden will not let anyone register. We are only left with Envoy. Thank you.

/u/AtellaniDaKinetrikaMasta · 1 votes · 6 days ago · Link

I have attempted many a times to register for the Alphabay forum with no avail. Are you a mod there?

/u/We_Are_9000 Nefarious Panty Scammer!!!!! OP · 1 votes · 6 days ago · Link

No, I am not. I am the global mod for /d/Envoy :-)

/u/Phrack P · 1 votes · 6 days ago · Link

If you are getting a security error make sure:

  • You are not inputting special characters which are not allowed. Allowed characters are visible on the pages.

  • You are not trying to change your PIN to start with 0.

  • If you are registering make sure your PIN DOES NOT start with 0

  • If you are creating/changing password make sure your password is longer than 8 characters and less than 64

  • You are NOT on a phishing link

ONLY official links are found here: /d/AlphaBay/wiki?id=8e4bb791

/u/EvZen P · 1 votes · 4 days ago · Link

Hi. I am the Forum Moderator at Alphabay Marketplace.

Please make sure that you have included your AB Forum Access Token when creating an account on the forum. You can find it in your marketplace profile. Then, proceed to create an introduction post by according to the posting guidelines that are presented in the information board. Once you've done this, we will review/check your application, and if you have done everything correctly then you should be granted access.

In terms of the current AB forum registration / on-boarding system, we will be simplifying and changing some things to provide a better experience for all users. Here is a quote from the administrator.

Pretty soon (within a week or so) we will change the way registration works. You will be able to do a limited number of posts and if you wanted more you will need to do the usual post introduction which will be verified by the forum moderators.

Thank you.


Apart from security and optimization, there have been no major upgrades to the forums. Stay tuned for much more improvements and features that will be rolled out very soon. We will also be working on private sub-communities for Malware, Hacking, and Fraud, among other things.

I will be working closely with DeSnake to make the forum a much better user experience for both vendors and buyers than it is now.

P.S.- Your suggestions are also welcome in my inbox.

Kind Regards.


/u/Pygmalion · 1 votes · 6 days ago · Link

Yeah, I am spamming all of those with my drug ads.

/u/We_Are_9000 Nefarious Panty Scammer!!!!! OP · 1 votes · 6 days ago · Link

You freaking know WE love you on /d/Envoy :-)

/u/Pygmalion · 1 votes · 6 days ago · Link

Yeah, it's a nice forum. I appreciate you guys working with me like you do without asking for grease.

May you grow and prosper in the years to come.

/u/AccountNum24989 · 1 votes · 6 days ago · Link

Nice. Spamming is allowed? I made an account. I really like the layout. If I am logged on both on dread and envoy. Can anyone tell?


Is Envoy a spinoff of Dread?

/u/We_Are_9000 Nefarious Panty Scammer!!!!! OP · 1 votes · 6 days ago · Link

No, spamming is not allowed!!!!

We have rules & /u/Pygmalion is both a verified vendor & a friend of Envoy.

But feel free to spam, I carry a fucking big ass BAN HAMMER :-)

/u/AccountNum24989 · 1 votes · 6 days ago · Link

So if you eventually fall into friend status and are also a vendor we can;

>be like /u/Pygmalion immune to the /d/Envoy decreed.

>Spam Envoy forums.

>Suffer no penalties.

>LOL at others attempting to be a God

>/u/We_Are_9000 serves /u/Pygmalion another round of fried SPAM

>/u/Pygmalion spats it out on her face.

I now have goals.

Thank you /u/We_Are_9000, I don't care what /u/aClockworkTangerine says about you anyways. I think you are a pretty cool chick.

/u/We_Are_9000 Nefarious Panty Scammer!!!!! OP · 1 votes · 6 days ago · Link

You are a funny bitch Sally!!!!

No one spams on my forum!!!!

Here is the link, go have a look Susan, everyone abides by the rules of the forum, including its staff!!!!


Now run into traffic, you matter not :-)

Hug's & Kisses!!!!

/u/AccountNum24989 · 1 votes · 6 days ago · Link

I really only see you spamming on Envoy. Seems you also have the highest count in post. Nice work.

/u/We_Are_9000 Nefarious Panty Scammer!!!!! OP · 1 votes · 6 days ago · Link

Well Karen, I am the global mod, so yeah, I'll post whatever I want :-)

And actually 05 has the most post!!!!

Foshizzle is that you???? You salty cunt :-)

/u/Pygmalion · 1 votes · 6 days ago · Link

We're just having some fun here.

Why so negative?

/u/We_Are_9000 Nefarious Panty Scammer!!!!! OP · 2 votes · 6 days ago · Link

New accounts don't count, they carry no weight. I promise you this is not a first time user to Dread.

/u/Pygmalion · 1 votes · 6 days ago · Link

Nobody is a virgin around here.

/u/AccountNum24989 · 1 votes · 6 days ago · Link

I was not negative? I was only inquiring, as inquiring minds want to know. Specially those who have not taken the time or hesitate to sign up for /u/We_Are_9000s website.

I really enjoy the layout. Other than that, it has little to no useful content. A great glimpse at delirium to say the least.

/u/Pygmalion · 1 votes · 6 days ago · Link

Well, go ahead and post some useful content. It's a forum. :3

I can send you some 3MMC to help you get some typing done.

/u/AccountNum24989 · 1 votes · 6 days ago · Link

Meh. There are by far way more people signed onto dread and ready to interact than there is on Envoy currently. I know because I am signed on both currently.

The only person that interacts on Envoy are the same to or three as /u/We_Are_9000 pointed out.

/u/Pygmalion · 1 votes · 6 days ago · Link

Okay, someone else can apply for the 3MMC then.

/u/MatrixNV · 1 votes · 6 days ago · Link

What about some 3MMC? Do you happen to ship to the United States of America?

/u/Pygmalion · 1 votes · 6 days ago · Link

Yes, we happily ship to the US. You need to carry over some valuable content to Envoy and we will ship valuable 3MMC to your doorstep.

I'll let /u/We_Are_9000 be the judge

/u/BigDaddy2K · 1 votes · 1 day ago · Link

Hear hear well said mate!