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Why is DREAD no longer on TOR - no bs pls

by /u/HackerRequiredForJob · 2 votes · 4 months ago

Can someone please tell me why DREAD has opted out of tor, it has nothing to do with the DDOS, the TOR connection has been switched off as it has been for a long time now. There is a reason they are encouraging I2P can someone tell me why?

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/u/HugBunter A · 1 votes · 4 months ago (Pinned post) · Link

The vast majority of our traffic is still through Tor end points, I2P is an additional gateway which is a good alternative that we can keep somewhat reliable in accessing Dread. We need to push this option as right now it has been the only alternative we can provide safely.

In the coming days, I'll have launched a work-around solution which will ensure the DoS attacks are a lot less affective to all services in restricting access. Dread will be primarily accessible through Tor again, possible on the main link for a temporary period, but otherwise through other mirrors that will likely not have to change much, if at all.

/u/HackerRequiredForJob OP · 1 votes · 4 months ago · Link

/u/HugBunter wow its an honor to get a reply from you. Thank you for explaining the situation.

/u/whatupp · 3 votes · 4 months ago · Link

I'm here via Tor using the member 'private' .onion so that's that. This whole DDOS thing is a resource drain, it eats resources and burns through a pile of cash in no time. Which kinda reflects in the overall DNM space, if you got the budget you scale up to the moon and back if needed. If you don't have the budget for that, you loose in the current state of play. Which totally sucks and is a bit toxic for new players in the DNM space. Solutions are being tested, stuff is being coded and whatnot to the maximum extent possible given Tor's lack of POW at the moment and mind POW is intended for small to medium DDOS, not for the very large ones, to date nothing is moving there...

/u/HackerRequiredForJob OP · 1 votes · 4 months ago · Link

thankyou that is an anwer that makes sense :)

/u/SteveIrwin P · 2 votes · 4 months ago · Link

Well I'm accessing Dread via Tor to write this comment so I'm going to say that's not the case.....

/u/HackerRequiredForJob OP · 1 votes · 4 months ago · Link

what url?

/u/samesamename · -1 votes · 4 months ago · Link

dark.fail & tor.taxi are your friends

/u/HackerRequiredForJob OP · 1 votes · 4 months ago · Link


/u/cthulhuskittens · 1 votes · 4 months ago · Link

the tor.taxi link always returns a 'problem with onionsite' disconnected link. i've tried several times today, a few hours apart - is there a time of day that works more than others?

/u/Grazelda · 2 votes · 4 months ago · Link

It is only 'no longer on Tor' for those leeches who are just too fucking cheap to donate and support Dread. If you cannot access /d/lounge you are an insufficient human being. If you cannot donate to Dread AND Tor you are a leeching waste of space and your entire life is insufficient and doomed for eternity plus 13 years. Maybe even 14 years.

/u/newbieforever2018 is not a newbie! · 2 votes · 4 months ago · Link

I love elitists. Six hundred dollars a year is nothing to you but for those at a lower wage scale that is a meaningful sum. We need to raise your income tax to help salvage Social Security.

/u/Paranoia · 1 votes · 4 months ago · Link

Tor is susceptible to issues that I2P is not, these issues lead to an increased load and make it harder to access services. To combat this your only option really is to scale out as much as possible, this requires more servers rather than just more powerful servers, more servers is more costly. Simply put I2P is hardened against issues faced by tor and it is more economical. Maybe when Tor adds pow this won't be as much of an issue but for now that's how things are.

/u/darknetdev · 1 votes · 4 months ago · Link


/u/AutoModerator M · 1 votes · 4 months ago · Link

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/u/HackerRequiredForJob OP · 1 votes · 4 months ago · Link

it seems to me the only unit is not susceptible to TOR vulnerabilities is ALPHABAY.... Im not being a conspiracy theorist I hope but this couldn't be a coincidence why doesn't all the DN community copy of there firewall/anti DDOS or just ask them to stop doing the attacks... That's the only 2 options, either AB is doing it or they have a superior system either way it seems they hold all the keys.

/u/newbieforever2018 is not a newbie! · 1 votes · 4 months ago · Link

Come on man. Use your imagination. Image upload sites and news onion sites are working fine on Tor.

Option #3. The person doing the ddos has something personal against dread or a staff member of it. Boom, explains why AB is not affected.

Not saying that is the case but there are more than two options.

/u/HugBunter A · 1 votes · 4 months ago · Link

AB's protections are beyond other market's, that much is true. DeSnake has actually put time into studying Tor and has implemented many things similarly to Dread to give him an edge. He is also brute forcing new Introduction points to overcome the intro point bottle neck which is the reason the main Dread onion cannot survive, we'd be online right now if we could expand our intro points, but we are not willing to brute force descriptors to achieve this as we have considered other dangers this may pose.

/u/HackerRequiredForJob OP · 1 votes · 4 months ago · Link

So /u/DeSnake can walk the walk. Well all I can say is I hope that both you understand that (in my opinion) TOR is struggling, I never think it will completely die BUT if both of you share your knowledge with the wider community and help your competitors (I'm talking mainly to DeSnake) when your all COMBINED will put the DTOSSER to rest and TOR will rule this industry. BUT the opposite is true also if just one market has the technology and the rest do not TOR will continue as it has been for the past 6 months on the road to its death.

/u/HugBunter A · 1 votes · 4 months ago · Link

That's not for me to say and Dread itself may have further protections by means of things we have tweaked, but if we worked out some magical fix it would always be shared with others of course. Honestly, we won't have to worry about a genuine solution to the attack though, I'll buy us all enough time with good accessibility until we get PoW and this becomes a thing of the past.

/u/HackerRequiredForJob OP · 1 votes · 4 months ago · Link

Thanks HB, you are one genuine bloke. Ive never met someone whos only concern is the better good of the community and not themselves except for yourself. Please keep us up to date when TOR DREAD is returning. please check PM

/u/samesamename · 1 votes · 4 months ago · Link

Here on Tor

/u/darknetdev · 1 votes · 4 months ago · Link

(reposting my comment without the link until (and if) it get's approved by mods)

So this is pure speculation as I do not know anything about what's happening behind the scenes with dread. Between DDoS attacks aimed at dread, the tor network as a whole and from what I understand flaws in the way onion services work that make them easy to knock offline I suspect constantly managing those situations soaks up a lot of time and resources for the dread team. Users moving over to i2p makes dealing with all of that less of a priority if most users are using i2p and thus destroys some of the incentive DDoSers have to run these attacks at dread directly so that could be one long term goal.

There will always be demand for dread on Tor because the Tor Browser is so streamlined for most people to use vs setting up i2pd browser but some diversity in the darknet space I think is a good thing and users moving to a new network might at least give an additional nudge to the Tor Project to come up with a solution against the flaws with onion services.

I don't know the full story but dread users moving over to the i2p network should keep in mind that it never hurts to be respectful, one of the i2p dev's has walked away from the project in part at least because of some dread users being ass-hats from the sounds of it. A post was made about it on the i2p developer forum.

I2p dev's are not your drug dealers, they don't work with or for dread, and they're not there to help hook you up with gear.

/u/darknetdev · 2 votes · 4 months ago · Link

An excerpt from the i2p developer forum:

The TL:DR is that Dread didn't adequately prepare to onboard users to Dread-over-I2P and zab and I ended up with their whole mess dropped into our respective laps, where Dread users repeatedly asked questions which we cannot answer for legal and personal safety reasons. They repeatedly disregarded our requests to stop or at least stop asking non-anonymous people questions with what I'm now unabashedly referring to as "crackhead opsec." Most of them have refused to do that. Tempers flared, people trolled eachother and were trolled by eachother, and now somebody's targeted zab's Apple account.

Smarter questions and a little consideration would have prevented this from ever being a problem.

Edit: It is worth noting that /u/Paris has responded on the thread.

/u/HackerRequiredForJob OP · 1 votes · 4 months ago · Link

yeah i understand what your saying and no matter what the situation is respect is a must.. As for "I2p dev's are not your drug dealers, they don't work with or for dread, and they're not there to help hook you up with gear" I also agree but to the I2P devs they have to understand the users arent there for I2P they are there for DREAD so they should respect that in return.

/u/darknetdev · 2 votes · 4 months ago · Link

While that may be true, you don't call up your internet provider and have a go at them because Tor is slow and you can't get onto dread XD.

The dev's are there to work on i2p, there is a forum thread about this that's worth reading, it creates legal issues for them getting involved in people looking for help accessing DNM's to buy drugs and dread kind of goes hand in hand with that. The last thing people working on the i2p network need is targeting from LE, no one is making you use i2p or Tor for that matter.

/u/plkqcs · 1 votes · 4 months ago · Link

'Ass Hats' Up vote. Also good overall perspective

/u/Anonymator59 · 1 votes · 4 months ago · Link

idk i'm not a plumber but i think it's something to do with ms-dos attacks