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Wrong country

by /u/HollowKnight12 · 1 votes · 1 month ago

So basically Im a noob and I ordered LSD to Pakistan from a vendor that apparently ships GE > EU and I didn't see it until after I placed the order. I thought the vendor would reject the order but to my surprise they accepted and told me it would arive within 30 days. Sus or not? it is a 70$ order

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/u/dontlaugh Darknet Shaman · 1 votes · 1 month ago · Link

not completely sus as it's a fairly low risk opsec item to send internationally, so the vendor might have just said 'fuck it' and sent it...

or they may have just said 'fuck it' and taken your cash :/

/u/Letsgerrit · 1 votes · 1 month ago · Link

I wish I had that money to invest in pp logs..noob as well tryna get up