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You want make fast usd ?

by /u/ThePandora · 1 votes · 1 month ago

My last post for today

this post i write again for novices but for they want everything fast and quick,they don't want learn anything,just buy some method and cash out

i see this many times on post and i think its common problem,so i want told you my experience

- any simple method not work and when yes its scam

- don't buy guides every is outdated

- focus more on your setting than methods,because every site is cardable

when transfers exist its do simple everybody but they doesn't exist and this reason why we all on dread,to learn and improve self

nothing is easy in this world,everything need time

be safe

also what i don't recommend is buying a lot cards because your last cc not work

buying account like PayPal and other,when you re novice you will have problem too import cookies,change user agent and more

learn and after buy something right ?

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